8BitDo controllers now work with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV

As much as we love 8BitDo’s wireless controllers and gamepads, including the highly customizable 8BitDo Pro 2our biggest complaint so far has been a lack of support for Apple devices. But as of today, that changes, as new software update for many of 8BitDo’s wireless controllers finally makes them compatible with iPhones, iPads, Macs and … Read more

Apple postpones Homepod with screen and avoids AI

Apple, unlike many others, does not want to resort to layoffs large technology companies, which are downsizing since around the turn of 2023. The tech giant is so desperate not to become another Google, Microsoftor Meta (which thought 11,000 Meta staff layoffs were so nice that it did it twice) that it has halted some … Read more

Netflix’s ad level is finally bringing in more subscribers

If Netflix’s subscription tiers were all branches on a tree, the newly nascent ad-based subscription tier started life last year as the thinnest and weakest of the tree’s many branches. However, new data shows that Netflix’s Basic With Ads tier is coming into its own and growing into an industry that can finally hold its … Read more

Apple users can improve binge-watching on Netflix with these tricks

Netflix is ​​one of the leading online streaming services, offering a huge collection of TV series and movies in every imaginable genre and language. No doubt you are already having a great time browsing this platform and binge watching your favorite shows and movies. If you want to take your streaming experience to the next … Read more

Is ChatGPT closer to a human librarian than Google?

Illustration: Phonlamai photo (Shutterstock) The prominent model of information access and retrieval before search engines became the norm – librarians and subject or search experts providing relevant information – was interactive, personalized, transparent and authoritative. Search engines are the primary way most people access information these days, but it’s not ideal to enter a few … Read more

AI and the future of work: everything is about to change

New York CNN — You can ask in a few months a virtual assistant to transcribe meeting notes during a work call, summarize long email threads to quickly compose suggested replies, quickly create a specific chart in Excel, and turn a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation in seconds. And that’s only on Microsoft’s 365 … Read more

Apple Maps quietly gave Boston a “detailed city experience”

Apple Maps users who have been thinking about visiting old Beantown, aka Boston, can now get a sneak peek at some of the area’s most famous landmarks in 3D after Apple added it to its growing list of cities with select handcrafted 3D maps. models. Tech blogger Frank McShan noticed for the first time that … Read more

Belkin’s Wemo products take a “big step back” from matter

One of the most popular smart home technology brands, Belkin’s Wemo, is officially pausing development of Matter devices. What should have been a revolution in interconnectivity and ease of access has now lost one of its greatest contributors. Belkin’s VP of Communications, Jen Wei, shared it The edge Thursday that while Matter will have a … Read more

Walmart launches drone delivery service in Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties

Walmart launches drone delivery to select Tampa Bay stores Josh Cascio reports TAMPA, Fla. – For those in Tampa Bay, residents can now have their grocery list delivered by drone. Walmart is rolling out its delivery service through technology company DroneUp. The service is now live and can be used on thousands of different products, … Read more

Microsoft enhances Office 365 with ChatGPT-like generative AI technology

Microsoft brings generative artificial intelligence technologies like the popular chat app ChatGPT to its Microsoft 365 suite of business software. The enterprise tech giant said Thursday that its new AI features, dubbed Copilot, will be available in some of the company’s most popular business apps, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The Copilot technology is … Read more