Let’s talk about the most controversial change from Diablo IV

The first thing I did in the Diablo IV beta was trying to roll. After playing games for 30 years, I’ve mastered two important things: always look behind the waterfall and rolling is always faster than walking. So I rolled. And the used to be faster. And then I tried to roll again and I … Read more

Elden Ring stats reveal which bosses killed players the most

Screenshot: Bandai Namco More than 20 million people played Elder ring. Now, a year after the release of FromSoftware’s open-world Soulsborne, we finally know which part of the game has destroyed players the most. Of course it was Malenia. Players have tried to fight her 329 million times, though it’s impossible to say how many … Read more

Atlus wastes Persona 5 Royal’s most compelling character

The internet has been busy lately with the newly announced Person 5 spin off game, Phantom of the Night (P5X). Fans were intrigued by the new characters, but they were also excited to meet their old favorites again. But when I looked at the screenshots, I saw that one person was missing: Goro Akechi. What’s … Read more

5 Retro Video Games That Hold Up Even Without the Nostalgia

I spent most of my childhood fixated on free dress up games and Crossing animals so now when i play something someone older than me swears that is the best game ever, I feel like I’ve already missed the magic of it. It can be hard to swallow outdated plot points and vintage polygons when … Read more

Vince McMahon will be playable in the new WWE 2K23

According to a report of AxiosWill Vince McMahon Be A Playable Character In WWE’s Upcoming Video Game, WWE 2K23. This news comes after the former CEOs of WWE scandal-riddled retirement last year when The Wall Street Journal dug up that McMahon paid four women $12 million in “hush money” over the past 16 years, including … Read more

Get these excellent 3DS games before the eShop closes this month

Nintendo is closing the 3DS and Wii U eShops at the end of the month. It feels premature and idiotic, but such is the world we live in. Nintendo’s 3D handheld will always be in the shadow of its more popular predecessor, but damn if the 3DS didn’t have a ton of great and special … Read more

The Last of Us Co-Creator on Studio’s next game after the show

With a hugely successful TV adaptation, The last of us has done the unthinkable and proved that it is possible to make a good show based on a video game. Add the recent remake of the first game to break sales recordsand you must definitely think, this momentum will lead to one more single player … Read more

The game accused of plagiarizing Elden Ring animations responds

Bleak Faith: Abandoneda new Soulslike from Archangel Studios, has been controversial since its launch on March 10th. That’s because players suspected the indie developer had hijacked animations seen in FromSoftware games like Bloodborne And Elder ring. Now, after days of accusations, the creators will “replace” any repurposed assets alleged to have been purchased in good … Read more

Pokémon can end up in NFTs

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku NFTs. Blockchain. The other way around. It happened other game companies, and it could also happen with a Nintendo property – in fact, it just could. Last week, The Pokémon Company posted a job on LinkedIn that requires experience with NFT, blockchain and the metaverse. When it comes to … Read more

Russian hackers threaten Ukrainian Stalker 2 developers, bad idea

Image: GSC game world On March 11, a post on a Russian fan page for the stalker series boasted that he had hacked into the in-development stalker 2, and started threatening the game’s Ukrainian developers. Those developers have now responded and basically told them to go to hell. The post and hack appear to be … Read more