Feds stalked suspects with an Apple AirTag, the report says

Apple AirTags can be useful for things like finding your keys or keep an eye on luggage. But it is also common knowledge that the small quarter size tracking devices, can be used in less appetizing ways. People have been charged AirTags are used to enable stalking. Police have claimed that the devices are identical … Read more

Patent shows Apple could put selfie camera on future smartwatch

Apple is trying to come up with new ways for users to quickly take a selfie or use FaceID without digging in their pocket for their phone. a newly unveiled patent from Apple shares that the company is looking at a wearable device with a “protrusion” for a camera above the watch face and positioned … Read more

Apple Reportedly Takes Attendance Amid Back to Office Push

Apple has struggled to force its employees back to the office with its hybrid work plan, even if it is employees were largely hostile to the whims of the Cupertino company. As if we’re all back in grade school, Apple is the next company reportedly on hand to ensure its staff commutes to the office … Read more

Apple Music users are complaining about seeing other users’ playlists

No matter how cool you are guess your Apple Music or Spotify playlist title is, you probably don’t want a random user to find out your walking playlist consists exclusively of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Unfortunately, sto Apple Music users Reddit have reported a very strange bug where their playlists are being modified … Read more

Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Trailer: Once and Forever

While we’ve had glimpses here and there, Netflix got a really good look at us today for the first time Power Rangers: once and for allanother special reunion to celebrate 30 years of teens with attitude brightly colored Spandex. But here’s the surprising thing: Not only does it look extremely good, it looks like it’s … Read more

8BitDo controllers now work with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV

As much as we love 8BitDo’s wireless controllers and gamepads, including the highly customizable 8BitDo Pro 2our biggest complaint so far has been a lack of support for Apple devices. But as of today, that changes, as new software update for many of 8BitDo’s wireless controllers finally makes them compatible with iPhones, iPads, Macs and … Read more

Apple postpones Homepod with screen and avoids AI

Apple, unlike many others, does not want to resort to layoffs large technology companies, which are downsizing since around the turn of 2023. The tech giant is so desperate not to become another Google, Microsoftor Meta (which thought 11,000 Meta staff layoffs were so nice that it did it twice) that it has halted some … Read more

Toy News 2023-03-20–Lego Mandalorian Season 3, Transformers Canon

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the best toy news on the web. This week: Lego already has plans for it The Mandalorian season 3, while Hasbro is still stuck Boba Fett’s book. Plus, make your own skies a little more Pandoran with avatar RC creatures. To look at! Image: Lego Lego … Read more

Netflix’s ad level is finally bringing in more subscribers

If Netflix’s subscription tiers were all branches on a tree, the newly nascent ad-based subscription tier started life last year as the thinnest and weakest of the tree’s many branches. However, new data shows that Netflix’s Basic With Ads tier is coming into its own and growing into an industry that can finally hold its … Read more

Is ChatGPT closer to a human librarian than Google?

Illustration: Phonlamai photo (Shutterstock) The prominent model of information access and retrieval before search engines became the norm – librarians and subject or search experts providing relevant information – was interactive, personalized, transparent and authoritative. Search engines are the primary way most people access information these days, but it’s not ideal to enter a few … Read more