Where the Wild Things Are: The best children’s book ever

The book has held up, too, because while the details are wonderfully specific – the look of the bizarre monsters, the white wolf suit, the fact that Max chases the dog with a fork and his cry of “I’ll eat you!” in response to “wild thing!” – it’s also completely relatable and open to interpretation. … Read more

The 20 best children’s books ever – what the voters say

5. The Hobbit (text and illustrations by JRR Tolkien, 1937) The classic fantasy novel The Hobbit is set in Middle Earth and follows the journey of hobbit protagonist Bilbo Baggins, wizard Gandalf and 13 dwarves. During their periodic quest to reclaim the Dwarves’ home and treasure, they encounter conflict and danger, and Bilbo reaches a … Read more

Two-pronged plan to change how children in Wisconsin learn to read this month

A bipartisan bill is expected to be introduced this month that will change the way most Wisconsin public schools teach reading. State Representative Joel Kitchens, R-Sturgeon Bay, chair of the Assembly Committee on Education, has been working with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on the plan that would move more schools away from teaching … Read more

Walmart dives into community and culture at Pharrell Williams’ SOMETHING IN THE WATER Festival

As the nation’s largest private employer, we are committed to strengthening the communities in which we operate by promoting equality and inclusion, and supporting local organizations and charities that help people realize their full potential. Belonging is what we want everyone to feel when they walk through the doors of Walmart, but it’s a vision … Read more

How to Download, Shuffle, Search by Apple Music Classical App

Apple Music Classic is now available, although only on iPhone at the time of writing (other platforms will be supported in due course). If you already subscribe to Apple Music, the classic part is a free add-on, though it’s in a separate app, so you’ll need to download it separately. The iPhone SE offers almost … Read more

Tim Cook on shaping Apple’s future

I. Meanwhile, by 9 o’clock in Apple Park, he’s long since risen and engrossed in the morning rituals of the modern CEO: emailing and exercising. Tim Cook prides himself on not hiding his email address, which is readily available on the search engine of your choice. In fact, Cook says he finds the avalanche of … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Yellow Herb Locations

Despite being sent all the way to Europe to rescue the president’s daughter, Leon arrives vastly undersized for the task that placed him in the Resident Evil 4 redo. Not only was he sent alone, but with only a single pistol (with 10 bullets) and a knife. If you want to have any hope of … Read more

Finland’s main political ally: the sauna – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. THE SAUNA IN THE FINNISH PERM REP, BRUSSELS — It’s very hot here. But not hot enough, according to my Finnish hosts. The time has come to pour a ladle of water on the pile of smoldering stones in the corner, they explain. Only … Read more

A boring drama about climate change

There are several moments in the first two episodes of the new Apple TV+ series Extrapolationswhich is meant to be a star-studded and hauntingly realistic look at our potential climate future, which made me laugh out loud when I knew it wasn’t supposed to be. For example, at the end of the first episode (there … Read more