Deltona man almost hits children playing in the street with a car: police

A Deltona man faces several charges of assault with a deadly weapon after witnesses said he chased some children with his car. Anthony Burgos was arrested Friday after witnesses said he almost hit the children and a woman walking her dog. According to the arrest report, those children feared for their lives. But Burgos was … Read more

Study highlights importance of family-based interventions for children exposed to institutional care

New research, published online today in the American Journal of Psychiatry, provides the most robust and comprehensive evidence to date that children exposed to early psychosocial deprivation benefit substantially from family-centered care. Senior author Kathryn L. Humphreys, Ph.D., discussed this work today at a special briefing at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric … Read more

More than 4.6 million children vaccinated in three megadistricts

LAHORE – Punjab on Sunday completed a special polio eradication campaign in its last three remaining districts, including Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. On a sweltering day when temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius, polio workers swept streets and homes to vaccinate thousands of remaining children on the last day of the campaign. In the first … Read more

Stop putting off marriage and start having kids, Dallin Oaks urges Latter-day Saints

Go out more, get married earlier, don’t delay having children – even for financial reasons – and show love for LGBTQ members and people with gender dysphoria. This was the advice of the Apostle Dallin H. Oaks and his wife, Kristen Oaks, at a worldwide Sunday gathering of young single adults ages 18 to 30 … Read more

Hawke’s Bay mums make ‘grab and go’ bags for kids to help cyclone-affected kids feel safe

Hawke’s Bay Kids Grab & Go Bags founders Jenna Mabey (left) and Hena Thorn spent their weekend packing bags for their Kids Grab & Go bags at Turning Point Church in Onekawa Napier. Photo / Paul Taylor After two mothers from Hawke’s Bay saw how Cyclone Gabrielle mentally affected not only their own children, but … Read more

The Colombian plane that crashed in the jungle suffered a similar crash less than two years ago

CNN — As the Colombian military frantically searches for four children who went missing more than two weeks after a plane crash in the jungle, new details emerge about the plane’s history — and local concerns about the safety of air travel in that part of the country. Amazon. The single-engine Cessna 206 HK-2803 that … Read more

Children in conflict with the adult world

THOUSANDS of Filipino children and millions worldwide must suffer injustice, neglect, forced labor as slaves and be deprived of nutritious food and education. They are trafficked as sex objects for the sexual gratification of lustful abusers, raped and abused by relatives and pedophiles, all for the gratification of adults. They are then branded as children … Read more

CT Senate passes Democratic priority bill for child mental health

The Senate on Thursday approved one of the most notable bills from the Committee on Children of this session — a wide-ranging proposal that addresses issues related to children’s mental health, libraries and access to health insurance, among other things. Senate Bill 2, one of the priorities of the Democratic caucus this session, passed unanimously. … Read more