First Android Auto 9.2 update now available for download with this little trick

Android Auto 9.2 beta is therefore now available to download for the first users. The update is only intended to be used for testing, as the beta tag indicates that it is not ready for production devices. Google usually doesn’t share changelogs when new Android Auto updates are released, and version 9.2 is no exception. … Read more

How to Download Android Auto Apps

Voice command integration allows users to operate their apps without looking at the screen, reducing distractions behind the wheel. By default, most Android devices come with a set of preloaded apps that are compatible with Android Auto. Google Maps is the default navigation app, so Android Auto can already provide route guidance out-of-the-box. Android Auto … Read more

Stop saying this great Android Auto Coolwalk feature is a dud

However, the update came with several other changes as Coolwalk removes the status bar and relies entirely on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Like the Windows taskbar, this part of the interface allows users to launch apps and view additional information, such as the current time. Depending on the head unit, the … Read more

Here’s how to fix Android Auto connectivity issues ahead of the official update

Android Auto won’t launch when using a Samsung Galaxy S23, and the bug is becoming widespread as more customers receive the smartphone. Launched last month, the Galaxy S23 is currently Samsung’s high-end device. The top version costs $1,500, so buyers expect nothing less than a smooth experience on all fronts. This doesn’t seem to be … Read more

This is the most hated Android Auto Coolwalk feature

Android Auto’s redesign is centered around the split-screen interface. Thanks to so-called cards, users are allowed to have more than one app on the screen at any given time. Until now, all apps were running in full screen. Coolwalk uses maps to make them work side-by-side and provides support for navigation apps, audio players, phone … Read more

This secret Android menu fixes a puzzling Android Auto bug

WhatsApp is a premium messaging platform and its integration into Android Auto allows users to send and receive messages hands-free. The messaging experience is powered entirely by Google Assistant. When new messages arrive, Android Auto displays a notification on the screen. The Google Assistant can then read the message and ask for a response. Users … Read more

Another automaker likely to adopt Android as CarPlay slowly loses ground

The confirmation was provided by Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, who said the automaker is exploring options to use Google Automotive Services. News of the talks between Porsche and Google first came out in early January. At the time, it was believed that the company was also exploring other potential partners, including Apple. Google is … Read more