Wear OS 4:5 features we want to see

It’s been almost two years since the last major version of Wear OS was introduced. Google and Samsung took the stage at Google I/O 2021 and shared the revised design, along with the surprise announcement that future Samsung wearables would use the platform.

Since then we’ve seen two iterations of Wear OS on Samsung smartwatches, the Pixel Watch has finally been released and a few other smartwatches have been released with Wear OS 3 in tow. Two years later, however, there are still some things missing from the platform and we’re going to look at features Google could add with Wear OS 4.

Customizable quick settings

(Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Not only are the best Android smartwatches designed to be an extension of your smartphone, but they should also provide quick and easy access to things without having to reach for your phone. That’s where the Quick Settings panel comes into play, but for some reason Wear OS 3 doesn’t allow you (native) to rearrange the different tiles.

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