Trans-Americans terrified to visit Disney World as DeSantis threatens kids with kidnapping

Credit: Disney Parks Blog (left), CNBC (right)

The Parental Rights in Education Act, better known as “Don’t Say Gay,” was just the beginning in Governor Ron DeSantis’ Florida. Under the “Stop WOKE Act,” the conservative governor unleashed book bans and censored public school curricula.

Transgender Floridians are perhaps the most targeted by anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation. Last week, the state legislature passed an anti-trans toilet law. A bill awaiting DeSantis’ signature would allow the state to take custody of any child “at risk” or undergoing gender-affirming care, even those vacationing to the state. Another would ban children from pride events and drag shows.

Many LGBTQIA+ families and allies are considering leaving Florida as conditions worsen. But some transgender Disney fans have decided to avoid the state altogether and cancel upcoming Walt Disney World Resort visits.

Demonstrators stand at the gate of Walt Disney World with signs reading: "Protect trans youth."
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In a post on the transgender subreddit, a concerned parent asked if it was safe to visit the Central Florida Disney Park. (*Editor’s note: While we would normally link to the source of the following comments, Inside the Magic chose not to do so in this case to protect vulnerable users from harassment.)

“I wouldn’t risk it at all. These people want us dead,” one person wrote. “I would try to talk to Disney and get a transfer to another Disney location.”

“Absolutely not,” agreed another. “My kids have been asking to go to Disneyworld and the odds are slim I’ll choose to take my family to Florida (or many other states), even though my 7-year-old trans daughter is a stealth, and I’m not sure how someone who might possibly find out. I will not do it. We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago and had a blast.

Concept art for EPCOT featuring a fountain and a glowing rainbow from Spaceship Earth.
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“I do not recommend anyone with children enter the state of Florida, cis or trans,” replied another. “The law applies to children receiving gender-affirming care, or risk being exposed to gender-affirming care. That second part is why I say anyone with kids should stay away; the at risk provision means the state can essentially make up any excuse it wants and confiscate your children. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’ll play it fair, just stay away.”

Security risks aside, many felt that spending money in Florida would encourage DeSantis and his conservative allies to continue passing anti-LGBTQIA+ and racist laws.

“I don’t think anyone should be spending money in Florida right now, whether it’s safe or not,” one user wrote. “The only tool we have outside the state to force them to backtrack on their anti-trans crusade is economic pressure.”

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