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<p>The bike from EMotorad in collaboration with Toys R Us</p>
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Last week, EMotorad, a leading manufacturer of e-bikes and ride-ons, announced its strategic alliance with retail giant Toys R Us to establish a strong position in the young adult ride-on category with its “catch ’em young” philosophy. age.

Almost at the right time, KidZania India, a children’s edutainment chain, announced a new partnership with TVS, India’s two-wheeler manufacturers, to TVS Racing experience center at KidZania Mumbai and KidZania Delhi NCR.

In recent years, the Indian market for electric bicycles has been expanding rapidly. E-bikes are among the fastest growing category with sales in India increasing by double digits annually compared to the previous years. A report from BlueWeave Consulting predicts that the market will grow at a CAGR of 15.7 percent by 2028. According to a report by Redseer, the electric two-wheeler market is expected to account for more than 80 percent of the total two-wheeler market by 2030. .

Due to the increasing demand, aspirations and interest in electric motorcycles, electric mobility makers are teaming up with kid-focused brands to stay ahead of the game.

Kunal Gupta, chief executive officer and co-founder of EMotorad said: “We believe in making mobility accessible to everyone, why limit our products to adults? Toys”R”Us is committed to providing its audience with absolutely flawless products and we too are cut from the same cloth. It is therefore logical that we join forces to better serve our audience.”

“This synergy could provide exciting momentum for the change we intend to announce. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to grow. Their market acumen, consumer loyalty and quirky marketing strategies, when combined with our premium products, are sure to create a herd of very fun, bright young riders,” Gupta added.

Sudhir Pai, chief business officer, toys and accessories at Ace Turtle, which is running Toys R Us in India stated to offer futuristic e-bikes at an affordable price to the customers in India and expand their reach with their partnership.

Prerna Uppal, chief partnership officer, KidZania India said: “The partnership between KidZania and TVS Motor is driven by a shared passion for creating a safer and stronger future for our children.”
Vimal Sumbly, Head of Business – Premium, TVS Motor Company said: “This partnership fosters a safe yet exciting racing culture for India’s young drivers. Driven by the philosophy that inspiration starts young and aspiration starts younger, we want to provide children with a fun and interactive experience to learn and experience the joy of racing in a safe and controlled environment.”

“We believe this unique experience will not only create a memorable experience for kids, but also inspire and cultivate the passion for racing in the next generation,” added Sumbly.

EMotorad’s Gupta believes that the young age category is largely an untapped segment in e-mobility and actually a very important target audience. He said: “We believe that the young riders will be the changemakers of tomorrow. By giving them the opportunity to experience electric mobility, we ensure that they become aware of the benefits that the electric ecosystem has to offer. We currently see a huge gap in the market for electronically operated ride-ons, and this provides us with new opportunities to capitalize on while ensuring our products add fun to our users’ lifestyles.”

Gupta further added: “With the catch ’em young philosophy, we hope to introduce the young riders to electric alternatives of travel that they will also recognize once they grow up. We hope their knowledge of technology and sustainability is as great as the fun these products promise, so that these young riders can be the leaders of a revolutionary shift to fully electric commuting tomorrow.”

Gupta gave an example of EMotorad’s “Lil-E”, a kickless scooter for kids, citing building a loyal consumer community among young people.

He believes there is a slowly developing segment of adolescents and young adults that has moved over time from the ride-on category to e-bikes and swears by the quality and innovative features of the products.

Gupta said: “We are not creating fickle memories, but gradually educating and educating children into an electric lifestyle that is sustainable for a better collective future. And we do this while helping to build beautiful core memories along the way!

KidZania’s Uppal said, “With TVS Motor’s brand involvement, kids are now being introduced to a whole new world of future opportunities in the auto racing world that probably only existed in a world of fiction,” she added.

These initiatives would eventually lead to community growth. Gupta said, “The young age ride-on category is not just an instant return segment, but actually a futuristic social investment.”

“Introducing young users to an ecosystem of electric mobility options with a promise of fun prepares them to make similar sustainable choices in the future. With an experience of these products, they would have a model for future ride choice and also confidence in the quality promised by the brand,” he added.

  • Published May 8, 2023 at 8:10 am IST

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