Shluchim’s extraordinary efforts to make camp possible for the children of their community

A summer camp is a thank you to the Shluchim for their exceptional dedication and commitment to facilitating an unforgettable summer experience for girls from their community. Full story

Shluchim are known for their unwavering dedication to their communities. From leading shuffleboard and classes to organizing events and programs, Shluchim works tirelessly to inspire and engage Jews around the world. One area where this commitment is particularly evident, though less well known, is in their efforts to send children from their communities to Jewish overnight camps.

Despite the challenges and effort required, shluchim are committed to ensuring that every child in their community has access to this transformative experience. For the shluchim, sending children to an overnight camp is more than a fun summer experience. It is an opportunity for these young girls to get in touch with their Jewish heritage, make new Jewish friends and learn about Jidishkeit in a warm and immersive environment. And despite the challenges of turning children away from their community, the shluchim are doing everything they can to make sure every girl in their community has a chance to attend.

An example of their dedication is an inspiring scene during our 10-day winter camp. At 10 a.m. Friday morning, a Shliach from upstate New York walked through the elevator doors and pulled suitcases containing two children from his community. The Shliach drove 4 hours there and back on a wintry Erev Shabbos to bring children from his community to the camp. Despite the long drive and challenging weather conditions, he understood the transformative effect that just 10 days of camp can have on a child’s life. He was determined to ensure that the children of his community had access to this incredible opportunity.

“There are several factors that make it challenging for Shluchim to motivate families in their communities to send their children to overnight camps,” Rabbi said. Moshe Bro, Director of Growth & Operations at CGI Poconos. “Some families are more interested in sending their children to camps they have attended themselves and have strong ties to, or to a camp where many of the children’s friends or relatives attend. Another hurdle is financial constraints, as many families may not have the means to afford the cost of tuition.

Despite the challenges, shluchim work tirelessly to encourage children from their community to attend overnight camps. They recognize its positive impact on a child’s spiritual and personal growth.

“The Shluchim understand that attending a Jewish overnight camp can strengthen a child’s bond with their Jewish identity, create lifelong friendships and provide a transformative experience,” said Gershon Sandler, the founder and executive director of CGI Poconos. “Their commendable efforts to enroll campers from their communities go even further. They go out of their way to help with transportation and support families in any way they can.”

Another way some shluchim help girls from their community attend night camp is by providing financial aid. While the camp offers great scholarships and works tirelessly to secure third-party funding for every family, there may still be a funding gap. It’s really great to see Shluchim stepping in and helping cover some of the school fees so that every child has a chance to go to camp.

“In recent months, we have visited more than 30 Chabad homes in the tri-state area and have interacted with hundreds of shluchim across the country. During these visits and conversations, we meet shluchim who are passionate about helping their community’s children experience the transformative power of summer camp,” said Sarah Levertov, co-director of Enrollment and Camper Engagement. “We are inspired by the tremendous effort the Shluchim have made to enable children from their community to attend summer camp. The Shluchim warmly welcomed us to host our camp at their Hebrew schools and provided us with invaluable assistance throughout the enrollment process. Rochelle KleinCo-Director of Enrollment and Camper Engagement at CGI Poconos.

The shluchim’s exceptional dedication and tireless efforts to provide overnight summer camp experiences for the children of their communities are truly commendable. We extend our sincere gratitude to the hundreds of shluchim who have entrusted their RVs to CGI Poconos over the past 11 years, coming from over 25 states and 8 countries. Your unwavering commitment to the growth of the Jewish children in your communities is a testament to your strong leadership.

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