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In case you are new to this popular game called Wordle, let me take a moment to explain it a bit. Wordle is a word guessing game for Android devices and iOS devices. Players can also play the game online through the Wordle website. This mind blowing game has become very popular due to its competitive nature. Research has shown that playing Wordle continuously helps to sharpen the brain. Apart from the fun part about it, playing this game also helps to improve the vocabulary and word recognition skills of the users. Overall, it is a very good way to train the brain when it comes to focusing and paying attention to details.

How Wordle Game is played

As I said before, this game is a word guessing game where players have to guess a five letter word. There is no time limit set to guess the correct word. However, players only get six attempts to guess the correct word. If the user’s first guess is wrong, all the wrong letters are grayed out. If your guess contains some of the correct letters, the correct letter(s) will be highlighted in green, indicating that the green letter is part of the correct word. So it follows through the six chances until the user can collect the next correct letters to guess the correct word.

This game is a very interesting and addictive game that can keep you playing for a long time. The more you win, the more you want to keep playing. The best part is that you can also share your achievements with your friends on all social media platforms. This makes them want to challenge you by getting a higher score and also sharing. As interesting as it may be, some players cheat by guessing the correct words.

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Android users and iPhone users, which of them is more likely to cheat in Wordle Game? Wordle game

iPhone users are more likely to cheat in Wordle than Android users, according to a new survey from WordFinder. The online dictionary platform conducted this survey of 1,013 Wordle players. Of these, 51% were female and 47% male. The other 2% were non-binary. The study also included a breakdown of the devices these Wordle players used. It turned out that iPhone users came out on top with 41% of the total number of players. Android came in second with 31%, while the remaining 27% played on their laptop or desktop computer.

As a word guessing game, there are a number of ways players can cheat. People take the help of resources like Google, online dictionary, ChatGPT etc. Instead of guessing the right word by themselves, they start cheating and get high scores for which they have not worked.

Within the various sections of the survey, cheating is one of the main highlights. The male gender cheats more often in the Wordle game than the female gender. Surprisingly, players with degrees and professional certificates were also more likely to cheat than players with high school certificates. iPhone Wordle game

In all of these, the main focus still remains on one thing. That’s the kind of devices these users use when playing the game. The results of the study showed that iPhone users are more likely to cheat in this game than Android users. Looking at the win rate between users of both devices, iPhone users achieved a win rate of 76%, while Android users achieved 73%. Although iPhone users have a higher win rate than Android users, we all now know the secret behind their win rate. Among the list of players who cheat more, the survey confirmed that iPhone users are more likely to ask for a little help from Google and other sources than Android users.

Demographically, men and Gen-Z are more likely to cheat in Wordle games than women and Gen-X. Geographically, the survey also revealed that players from the state of Vermont and New York City top the list of players who cheat with Google.

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