Handy Famm, a family of fun animal-based tools, introduces kids to DIY

What started as a bonding time between father and daughter quickly turned into a search for fun tools for kids to encourage participation in DIY projects.

Handy Famm is a brand with a mission to create fun tools for kids that stimulate creativity and spark interest in DIY and STEM related projects. With its cute measuring tape, Handy Famm introduces children to a new world of tools made just for them. These tools allow kids to enjoy craft projects by lowering the barriers that everyday tools pose for kids.

With growing concerns about how much time kids spend on screens, parents are desperate for solutions. Handy Famm, an unlikely family of fun animal-based tape measurers for kids, provides parents and kids with the perfect bonding time tool. Handy Famm is the first-ever patented 3-in-1 tool designed explicitly for kids. The bird series comes in 4 styles with names like Toto, Yaya, Lola and BK, to represent their unique personalities. Each bird comes with a kid-friendly tape measure made of soft material that smoothly rolls out of its mouth, plus a super cool Eye-conicâ„¢ spirit level that functions as a bird’s eye design and a fully functional spirit level, as well as a handy angle finder that helps kids learn to take accurate measurements with ease. to feed.

In recent years, many people have embraced DIY projects to learn new things, explore creativity and disconnect from endless responsibilities. This same concept can be applied to children to help them learn new things and develop life skills early on in DIY projects, increase family bonding time by strengthening relationships while boosting self-confidence, developing problem-solving skills build and enhance creativity. With the Handy Famm children’s tape measure, children can discover DIY projects in an engaging and exciting way. The fun family of birds helps children learn while having fun and spending time with their parents.

The idea for Handy Famm came to Josh White, the founder, during a shopping trip with his then twelve-year-old daughter for a DIY project. At the local home improvement store, Josh realized that despite the wide variety of tape measures available, not one was suitable for children. Most were either overly complicated or downright boring in design. Since the general assumption is that kids don’t want or need such tools, Josh set out to find a kids tape measure that was just right for them.

Drawing on his passion for creating things, Josh turned his father-daughter DIY project into a mission to create a tape measure/level/angle finder that is functional, multi-purpose, safe for kids and fun. With a little tinkering, the involvement of his amazing creative team and an unwavering passion, the Handy Famm bird series took off. The first tape measure of its kind introduces kids to DIY in a fun, kid-friendly way.

The Handy Famm product line features a bird’s eye design with a tape measure in the shape of a bird’s head. The measuring tape sticks out of the bird’s beak like a tongue, which is exciting for children. The patented tool features an innovative built-in leveler and angle finder integrated into the bird’s rotating eyelid.

The Handy Famm tape measure makes an excellent gift for kids that encourages valuable time between kids and parents as they work on real DIY projects. For more information on the revolutionary children’s tape measure, visit Handy Famm.

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