Where to Watch Ted Lasso (Updated May 2023)

When Jason Sudeikis first played Ted Lasso, it was in promotional videos for NBC Sports’ coverage of England’s Premier League. Lasso went so well that Sudeikis, along with partners Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly, came up with the idea of ​​making a TV show about him. From this was born Ted Lasso, an uplifting sports drama that some say is not about sports at all. Now in its third season which aired March 15, 2023, Ted Lasso is more popular than ever.


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Since the series’ debut in 2020, Ted Lasso has received widespread critical acclaim. The show was nominated for 20 Primetime Emmy Awards for its first season, making it the most nominated comedy series of its first season ever in the history of the Emmys. In addition, Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and Brett Goldstein all won for their performances, while overall the show won the prestigious Outstanding Comedy Series category. Focused on an American football coach who was brought in to coach an English football team even though he knows nothing about football at all, Ted Lasso is easily one of the best shows on Apple TV.

Where to watch Ted Lasso in the US

Ted Lasso is an original Apple TV+ series and can be streamed exclusively on Apple TV+ in the US. A subscription to Apple TV+ costs $6.99 per month, but you can save money by opting for an Apple One subscription, which combines several Apple subscriptions into one subscription at a discounted rate. If you have or want to have at least two other Apple services, such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple News, or Apple iCloud storage, it’s worth the upgrade. When you buy a new Apple product, you may also receive a free trial of Apple TV+ so you can try it out before you buy it.

You can easily sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription from a compatible smart TV, an Apple TV streaming device, your Apple iPhone, iPad or computer. Once subscribed, you can access content on compatible smart TVs, an Apple TV or other supported streaming device, including streaming players and sticks, an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, and other web-supported devices such as a Windows PC, Chrome OS device and Android devices.

Ted Lasso is not available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube.

Where to watch Ted Lasso in Canada

Roy, Coach Beard and Ted line up on the field in Ted Lasso.

Just like in the US, Ted Lasso is available exclusively on Apple TV+ in Canada. A subscription in Canada costs $8.99 per month and you have the option to combine multiple Apple subscriptions, including Apple TV+, into a single Apple One subscription if you wish, saving you a few bucks.

Can I rent or buy Ted Lasso?

A major Ted Lasso art poster on Apple TV+

No. Ted Lasso is not yet available to watch other than Apple TV+. You must have an Apple TV+ subscription and watch the show in digital format. Ted Lasso is not available for rent or sale anywhere else. You also can’t buy previous seasons of it Ted Lasso on Blu-ray or DVD. This includes both in the US and Canada.

How to watch Ted Lasso season 3 for free

Keeley Jones helps players with interviews in Ted Lasso

The only way to watch Ted Lasso Season 3 is via Apple TV+, a subscription-based streaming service. To look Ted Lasso you can buy an Apple product for free that comes with an extended trial period, but once the trial period expires you will be billed for the next month unless you cancel before it renews.

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Another option to look at Ted Lasso is free to just sign up for Apple TV+ as a new customer and use the standard seven-day trial. If you can binge-watch the entire series in that short amount of time (note that Season 3 episodes will be released weekly, ending May 31, 2023), you can technically watch Ted Lasso free. Otherwise, you can continue for the month and the subscription can be canceled at any time.

Is Ted Lasso available in 4K?

Dani stands on the field smiling, arms outstretched in Ted Lasso.

Yes, Ted Lasso available in 4K. Nearly all Apple TV+ original shows and movies are available in both 4K resolution with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos/Dolby 5.1 audio. To enjoy Ted Lasso is all its 4K glory, you’ll need to watch from a 4K-compatible TV or other display.

If you’re using a third-party streaming source device, such as an Apple TV, it must also be 4K, such as the Apple TV 4K model. Your speakers must also be compatible with Dolby Atmos to enjoy the truly immersive sound experience to complement the visuals.

How many seasons of Ted Lasso are there?

Jamie gives a smiling middle finger to the coaches in a scene from Ted Lasso.

There are three seasons of it Ted Lasso so far, consisting of a total of 34 episodes once Season 3 ends on May 31, 2023. The first season of Ted Lasso premiered on August 14, 2020 and the first three episodes were released at once. Thereafter, new episodes were streamed weekly through October 2, 2020 for a total of 10. Season 2 began on July 23, 2021 with only the first episode, followed by weekly episodes through October 8, 2021. For Season 3, the season was extended to 12 episodes. Season 3, with a dozen or so episodes, began streaming on March 15, 2023 when the first episode was released. Episodes will continue until the season finale on May 31, 2023.

What is Ted Lasso about?

Ted Lasso's Diamond Dogs with their arms together in a bunch.

Ted Lasso is the story of an overly optimistic and talented American football coach who is called upon to move to England and coach a weak English football team. Unbeknownst to him, the owner Rebecca (Waddingham), recently rejected by her wealthy husband, wants to use Ted’s inexperience and lead the team to failure. He knows nothing about English football (i.e. football) so how could he succeed? It’s her last-ditch effort to anger her cheating ex, Rupert.

When Ted arrives, his upbeat positivity initials annoy and frustrate everyone on the AFC Richmond team, as well as die-hard local fans who think he’s not up to the job. However, everyone soon realizes that what the team needs is someone who can inspire them, give them confidence and make them believe, to use Ted’s signature word.

Ted Lasso is primarily about sports, but the series wastes no time diving into serious and deep issues, particularly around men’s mental health – especially men in sports. The show’s approach to mental health is heartwarming, uplifting, and sweet, with characters that go against traditional stereotypes. Ted confronts his professional and personal struggles head-on, while the supporting cast around him all have their unique stories to tell.

Will there be a season 4 of Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso, Nate and Coach Beard all look shocked in a scene from Ted Lasso.

The question arises whether there will be a fourth season Ted Lasso. There have been rumors that Season 3 could be the end of the story, but nothing has been officially confirmed by Apple or the show’s creators.

Sudeikis was vague when asked if the show would return. He noted, according to PeopleThat Ted Lasso was intended to be a series of three seasons. He told it later deadline in an interview in early March 2023 that this is “the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we hoped to tell, that we loved to tell.”

In 2022 at the ATX TV Festival, co-creator and executive producer Bill Lawrence said deadline that the decision to continue the show or not was in the hands of Sudeikis.

Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent and also works on the show as a writer, shared Sunday Times that the third season was written as if it were the show’s last. He’s been teasing potential spin-off series, or some kind of expansion of the show and its themes and characters, but there’s been no official word on it. Sudeikis referenced this in his March 2023 interview with deadlinestating that they have “set the table for all kinds of people… to see how these stories get told further… The fact that people want more, even if it’s a different road, is beautiful.”

Audiences may have a better sense of the potential for Season 4 or other spin-offs once the Season 3 finale airs. There are already plenty of fan theories about how Ted Lasso will end. For now, it sounds like Season 3 will be the endTed Lasso as fans know it.

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