Huge new revelation of the big bang theory explained

Warning! Spoilers for Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 19.Young Sheldon season 6 episode 19 subtly reveals that Sheldon and Amy have more kids after Leonard Cooper. The socially inept genius may be the titular character of the prequel series, but he hasn’t been the center of the stories for years. CBS has diversified its storytelling and it’s obvious Young Sheldon season 6 in which all members of the Cooper family get their respective bows. Occasionally, however The big bang theory prequel returns to its original premise as Sheldon’s origin story, informing viewers about the character’s future after his Nobel Prize in Physics.

Because of the prequel nature, Young Sheldon tends to explain some of Sheldon’s strangest quirks and behaviors. However, thanks to Jim Parsons’ mature Sheldon narration, the family comedy may also reveal new information about what life has been like for him and the Pasadena gang after the events of The big bang theory. So is the fact that Sheldon wears his Nobel Prize medal everywhere. A bigger revelation than that, however, is the confirmation that Sheldon and Amy eventually have a son named Leonard.

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Adult Sheldon story confirms he has multiple kids with Amy

Towards the end of The big bang theory, Sheldon and Amy were happy in their personal and professional lives together. It wasn’t until the Young Sheldon season 4 premiere, “Graduation”, it was revealed that they share a son. However, since then it sounds like they have expanded their family with more kids. In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 19, “A New Weather Girl and Stay-At-Home Coddler,” adult Sheldon’s narration confirms his father’s theory that his children would blame him when things go wrong in their lives. “The joke is about him, I’ve had kids and the joke is about me, they say it all the time,” Parsons’ older character says.

When the couple’s first child was revealed, it was clear that Sheldon named his child after his best friend, Leonard Hofstadter, as well as Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek. Both were incredibly important to him during the events of The big bang theory. Although Nimoy had always been a favorite of his, his best friend played a much bigger role in this life by being more than patient with him. It is curious when Young Sheldon will reveal the names of Sheldon’s other children, especially considering how thoughtful he and Amy were in naming their eldest.

How Young Sheldon Can Continue

Georgie, Missy and Sheldon watch TV together in Young Sheldon

Young SheldonThe continuity of the series may be so bad, but CBS seems bent on following the bigger beats The big bang theory canon. This means the prequel is nearing its predetermined end and Sheldon will be moving to Pasadena soon. Fortunately, there is a way for Young Sheldon to continue with minimal adjustments. Sheldon may be the titular character of Young Sheldon, but it has outgrown its original premise. After he leaves, Georgie and Missy are able to carry the series. With a little rebranding and a slight shift in storytelling, CBS can lean on the popularity of Sheldon’s siblings and make The big bang theory precede a real family comedy ensemble.

Young Sheldon Season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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