Christina Applegate Shares Married With Kids Resurgence Update, Reflects On ‘Pretty Gross’ Sexualization Of Kelly Bundy

In late 2022, Netflix audiences were inducted into what will likely be the final live-action appearance of the ever-excellent Christina Applegate, with the third and final season of Dead to meis an ode to friendship being filmed after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. But if the stars can ever align just right — presumably to spell “NO MA’AM” — Applegate could one day soon return to the role that made her a household name, Kelly Bundy, in the form of the previously announced Married with children animated spinoff. While not much has been said in recent months, she gave a brief update on the project and also reflected on the less-than-savory way the character was sexualized as a teen.

As reported in May 2022, Sony Pictures Television was deep in the development process for a animated take on the beloved crass Fox sitcom Married with childrenwhich has long been considered one of TV’s most offensive programs. And while it seemed like more big announcements were on the horizon, Christina Applegate shared an update with Vanity purse making it sound like none of the stars have been brought in for voice work or script readings. In her words:

I can’t say much, but all I know is that all four of us are attached to it. It’s not in our hands right now, so we’ll just wait a bit.

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