Build and guide Omega Strikers Asher

Omega attackers is a free-to-play multiplayer game where players are divided into teams of three. The aim of the players is to score as many goals as possible against the opponent. Omega attackers gives players a choice of 15 characters, the list of which is constantly updated. And in this article, players can find the best builds for attacker and goalkeeper positions for the popular character Asher, as well as a guide on how to use this character’s skills.

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Asher builds best goalkeeper and striker

Asher is a popular character in Omega attackers, and players are always looking for the best builds to maximize their potential on the field. Here are the best keepers and forward builds recommended for Asher.

Best goalkeeper build for Asher

  • Extra special is a must-have choice for Asher’s built-in keeper Omega attackers. It shortens the cooling time by 15%. And Asher also has a shorter cooldown at the start of the match.
  • Built differently is an excellent choice for all players who want to maximize their damage and size.
  • Unstoppable is a good choice as it adds 5-20% Haste and Knockback Resist.

Best forward build for Asher

  • Tempo swing is an essential choice for Asher’s forward build-up, granting bonus damage and healing based on the player’s maximum stagger.
  • Built differently is also recommended for the forward build to make the player bigger and damage the output.
  • Super wave is an excellent choice for Asher’s forward build, increasing the damage dealt by movement abilities and improving travel range and speed.

With these recommended builds for Asher in Omega attackers, players can maximize their potential on the pitch as a goalkeeper and striker. Whether players prefer a defensive or offensive style of play, these builds provide the necessary benefits to make Asher a valuable addition to any team. So try out these builds and see how they work!

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Omega Stikers Asher Guide

Build and guide Omega Strikers Asher (2)

Below, players can find a guide on how to use this character in different positions.


  • As a goalkeeper, Asher’s main job is to protect the team’s goal, so positioning and timing are crucial.
  • Equip the Extra Special to reduce the cooldown of Asher’s Special ability, which can help block shots and disrupt opponents.
  • Equip Built Different to increase size and damage output, making it harder for opponents to get past her.
  • Equip Unstoppable to be less likely to get knocked back, allowing players to stay in position longer.


  • As a striker, Asher’s main role is to score goals and knock out opponents.
  • Equip Tempo Swing to deal bonus damage and heal based on max stagger.
  • Equip Built Different to grow bigger and deal more damage, making it easier to take out opponents.
  • Equip Super Surge to increase damage dealt by movement skills and improve travel range and speed.

With these tips, players should be able to use the builds recommended by Asher effectively Omega attackerswhether they play as goalkeeper or striker.

Omega attackers is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC.

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