Arrested doctor couple sexually abused ‘adopted’ children: Guwahati Police

A doctor couple has been arrested in Guwahati for allegedly abusing two children, including sexual abuse, who they claimed were adopted children, police said on Sunday.

Three children, a boy and a girl around three years old and another boy around 11 years old, were rescued from the home of the doctor couple.

“After a medical examination, it was found that the girl had suffered brutal physical abuse and sexual assault. The younger boy was also abused. The 11-year-old boy appears to be healthy and a medical examination is ongoing,” Guwahati Police Commissioner Diganta Barah said at a news conference.

Police have struck several sections of the IPC along with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012 (POCSO) against the doctor couple and their maid, who has also been arrested, Barah said.

The male doctor and his family’s maid were arrested in Guwahati on Saturday, while his wife, a psychiatrist, who often appears on local TV channels’ mental health talk shows, was caught trying to flee the city on Sunday, he added. up to it.

A local court has taken them into pre-trial detention for five days.

“They are being interrogated. We discovered that the children were not theirs, but they claim they were adopted,” said the police commissioner.

However, it is not yet certain whether the three children have been legally adopted by the well-known doctor couple.

The arrests of the man and maid were made on Saturday after photos of the girl tied to a post on the terrace of their home went viral the previous day.

The doctor’s wife took a video and posted it on social media, claiming that a conspiracy had been conspired to “burden and destroy” the family.

Later, the Assam Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (ASCPCR) took note of the case and wrote to the Civil and Police Administration to investigate and take action against the accused.

ASCPCR Chair Sunita Changkakoti said the Commission has taken note of the matter and has written a letter to Guwahati Police Commissioner and Kamrup Deputy Commissioner on Friday evening to get more information about the incident.

She alleged that the accused doctor’s former wife had brought similar charges against him a few years ago for abusing their child.

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