Apple employees fear that MR headset could become an expensive flop

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Apple employees are apparently concerned about the company’s incoming VR headset, a report claims, while skeptics of the plan worry about the device’s chances of success once it launches.

Apple reportedly recently demoed its mixed reality headset to its top executives, in an effort to generate excitement for the platform’s imminent launch. While executives are excited about the product, others within Apple aren’t sure it’s a hit.

Eight anonymous current and former employees told us New York Times that they’re skeptical about the headset, despite Apple’s seemingly glossy demonstration of the technology.

This includes employees who reportedly walk away from the project completely “because of their doubts about its potential”. Others have also reportedly been fired for not making enough progress with some elements of the headset’s features, such as using Siri.

Leaders within Apple have apparently also questioned the headset’s ability to sell well. With design issues surrounding the battery and the projected $3,000 price tag, it looks to be a harder sell to consumers, aside from the most loyal to the company.

Part of the problem is that it’s a device looking for a problem, rather than solving an existing one. While the iPod put music in people’s pockets and the iPhone revolutionized productivity and communication, some employees feel the headset doesn’t have the same clarity to drive it.

There is also speculation within the company that Apple could delay the release. Products like AirTags were delayed more than a year before release so privacy concerns could be addressed.

However, with production in progress and with a planned June launch, a delay seems unlikely.

Such a report quoting insiders about Apple’s plans is not necessarily accurate in itself, but the New York Times report is reinforced by reporting elsewhere with similar notes, including Bloomberg.

There are also reports that the decision to continue with the headset in 2023 also went against the advice of Apple’s famed industrial design team, who wanted to wait and release lighter AR glasses instead of a headset.

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