Quarrel in royal family? About Prince William’s son at the coronation. Here’s why | World news

Leaked plans for King Charles’s coronation have revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – will all play major royals at the ceremony, the Mirror reported.

King Charles Coronation: Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the ‘Together at Christmas’ Carol Service. (Reuters)

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All three will take part in the procession back to Buckingham Palace, which will be a third the size of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, the report said. While the Times reported that the children will be seen through the procession which will be smaller and shorter than Queen Elizabeth’s, the palace said it would be “great in both size and splendour”.

Marie Claire had previously reported that Prince George will take center stage at the event, but The Daily Express reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton are “concerned” about his role in the ceremony as a “bit of a fight”, adding that the role of the children will be significant, but the couple feels they may be under too much pressure.

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“I have heard from my contacts that there is a discussion about whether George should play a more formal role. I’ve heard that Kate and William are afraid it will be too much for him,” said royal author Tom Quinn.

The pair are concerned because “it’s almost an echo of the way William and Harry were sometimes forced to attend formal occasions they shouldn’t have attended – most famously, their mother’s funeral, and behind her coffin. walk their age,” said Tom Quinn.

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“A lot of people criticized that and said it was horrible to have two young boys, especially Harry, do it. So I think people remember this and think, ‘Wait a minute, if George is kind of a pageboy, or plays a similar role at the coronation, is that going too far back into the traditional roles?’ So I’ve heard that there’s a pretty heated discussion going on right now about how to do that. And, from what I’ve heard, it’s not decided yet,” the author added.

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