Request a depth and water resistance test for your Apple Watch Ultra

A large part of the Apple Watch UltraThe appeal of the device is that it can function as a dive computer, but how can users be sure that their device is protected against water and pressure? For users who are concerned about the strength of their smartwatch’s water and depth seal, especially after it has suffered damage, Apple has a solution. The Apple Watch Ultra debuted last year as a rugged version of the standard Apple Watch aimed at athletes and designed for extreme sports. That includes recreational scuba diving, which is why Apple teamed up with Huish Outdoors to create a dive computer app for Apple Watch Ultra.


The rugged smartwatch can be used for diving to a depth of 40 meters (130 feet), but the water and depth seal can wear out over time. This can be exacerbated by damage, including hard knocks and tears. In a first for the company, Apple is now offering a depth and water resistance test for the Apple Watch Ultra. The test checks the functionality of the depth gauge and water seals and determines if they are working properly. The depth and water resistance test can be used, according to Apple, when there may be “invisible damage” to an Apple Watch Ultra.

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Request a depth and water resistance test from Apple Support

Before the Apple Watch Ultra undergoes the test, Apple performs a visual inspection of the watch. If there are visible cracks or structural damage to the Apple Watch Ultra, it cannot pass the test. However, if there are no visible signs of damage, the smartwatch qualifies for the Depth and Water Seal test. It is important to note that a failed depth and water resistance test can permanently damage the watch. If the Apple Watch Ultra fails to work, users may be charged a replacement fee.

Users can request a depth and water resistance test through Apple Support’s phone number, website, iMessage chat, or iOS app. The only way to request a test is to communicate with a support agent via phone or chat. Apple’s iMessage chat support works just like any other text conversation, so that’s the easiest way to get support for Apple devices. After starting the chat, users can send their Apple Watch Ultra to Apple and receive their watch or a replacement watch in approximately 7-10 business days.

The depth and water resistance test is certainly a risk as users could be charged a hefty replacement fee if their Apple Watch Ultra fails. While Apple doesn’t offer the specific replacement fee for failing the depth and water resistance test, the generic replacement fee for the Apple Watch Ultra is $499 out of warranty. Even with AppleCare+, the typical replacement cost is $79 per incident. The depth and water tightness test is an effective way to ensure that a Apple Watch Ultra can withstand recreational diving conditions, but be prepared to pay if the watch breaks.

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Source: Apple Support

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