What the bloatware battle in India means for Android and iPhone users everywhere

India is once again targeting bloatware that typically ships with many Android phones, a new report from Reuters (opens in new tab) claims. Citing two sources and a government document, the report states that the country would force the removal of all pre-installed apps, as well as mandatory pre-screening of software updates.

Smartphones – with the exception of Apple and Google in most cases – usually come with pre-installed apps and services from the likes of Facebook and various third-party app and game providers. This is done by manufacturers in collaboration with these companies to reduce costs and sell their phones cheaper. Some, like Apple and Google, pre-install their own apps on their phones, not only to improve features, but also to grow their user base when it comes to services. For example, Apple Music and the associated Apple One service benefit very well from iPhone sales, while Google Photos and the associated plan (check out our Google One review for more) benefit from Android phone sales.

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