Walmart class action alleges that the company failed to provide clean uniforms to employees

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Walmart uniforms class action lawsuit overview:

  • WHO: Richard Gibbs has filed a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart Associates Inc.
  • Why: Gibbs alleges that Wal-Mart has failed to provide uniform maintenance wages to its workers in New York’s hourly deli sections on a weekly basis.
  • Where: The class action lawsuit was filed in the New York State Supreme Court.

Walmart failed to provide weekly uniform maintenance payments or uniform laundry services to hourly workers in New York who were required to wear a uniform, a new class action lawsuit alleges.

Plaintiff Richard Gibbs contends that a “laundry and wear exception” to providing weekly uniform maintenance payments does not apply to Walmart.

Gibbs argues that Walmart’s policies and practices regarding uniforms “fail to provide employees with a sufficient number for the number of shifts worked each week,” which would prevent it from providing uniform maintenance pay.

Wal-Mart’s policy failed to provide enough shirts to plaintiff and the proposed class, nor did they keep the required shirts at work and offer to clean the shirts for their employees or pay uniform maintenance fees states the Walmart class action.

Gibbs wants to represent a New York class of non-exempt and hourly paid Walmart deli section employees who have worked for the company for the past six years when filing the class action lawsuit.

Walmart failed to provide uniform laundry service for New York deli employees, class action says

Not only did Walmart reportedly fail to pay a uniform maintenance wage to its hourly deli departments, it also failed to provide laundry services and “reprimanded” employees if they failed to do so themselves, the Walmart class action alleges.

“Defendant failed to launder Plaintiff’s required uniforms and proposed class, did not offer to launder the uniforms and instead reprimanded them for not bearing the cost and time of cleaning and maintaining the required uniforms,” states the Walmart class action.

Gibbs claims that Wal-Mart is in violation of New York State Labor Lawthe New York Rules and RegulationsAnd New York State Human Rights Act.

Plaintiff is seeking a jury trial and is seeking an award of unpaid and underpaid wages along with compensatory damages for himself and all class members.

In October 2022, Walmart agreed to a class action settlement that resolved the company’s claims failed to withdraw bonuses in the calculations of its employees’ sick pay.

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The plaintiff is represented by Mohammed Gangat of Mohammed Gangat’s law firm.

The Walmart uniforms class action lawsuit is Gibbs, et al. v Wal-Mart Associates, no. 6:23-cv-00300, in the New York State Supreme Court.

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