Round Up: The reviews are in for Bayonetta Origins: Cereza And The Lost Demon

Let’s move on to what other critics thought.

The first is GameSpot, who scored the prequel a 9/10. While they agreed with us on the controls, they had huge praise for the writing and story, especially Cereza:

“Cereza is as charismatic as the older version of herself in this game. Her lyrics are delivered with sincerity, youthful joy and emotion, and her moral compass and strength make her easy to love.”

Matching GameSpot’s praise is IGN, who also awarded PlatinumGames’ latest title 9/10. The outlet loved the charm, look and feel of the entire game:

“From the impressive, fantastical story moments full of childlike charm, to the clever platforming puzzles and satisfying combat, this is a fantastic action-adventure where every part comes together to create a wonderfully playable storybook.”

Destructoid acknowledged the game’s lower key compared to the main series, but still gave Bayonetta Origins an 8/10 despite some minor complaints.

“…when I played it through, I was reminded of some ’90s classics like The Lost Vikings and the idiosyncrasy of the Gobliins series. It’s a really light-hearted game to play if you like the storybook look and feel, which does some of the heavy lifting.”

COGConnected scored the game with a score of 72/100 and stated that they wanted to love the game, and stuff like that, but it loses its way with repetition and easier challenges:

“Everything is fueled by this fairytale lens, one that heightens charm and wonder. The writing is whimsical, the art design is impeccable, and the mechanics are terribly clever. But the game loses something in the execution. Repetitive design and light-hearted challenges kept me curious, but not compelled.”

Finally, VGC’s thoughts were a bit more mixed – they gave the game 3/5 stars and said it packs “just enough platinum punch”, but they were less sure about the dual clutch and exploration:

“…cleaning up character upgrades and hidden wisps feels like an exercise in trying every dead end until you get lucky, rather than a vigorous romp over old ground. It’s a shame, as the world itself is a triumph is of art design, her dreamy watercolors clashing impressively with the whimsical shards of glass of the fairy domain.”

Of course, these are just a handful of opinions, but overall, this certainly seems like a good choice for Bayonetta fans. We’re not quite sure where the series will go from here, but we’re always happy for more Bayonetta – even if we haven’t come out as positively as many other outlets.

Have you tried the Bayonetta Origins demo? Will you pick up the game on Friday? Let us know.

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