Netflix’s The Glory: Part Two, Ending Explained

that of Netflix The glory has had viewers on the edge of their seats in the second part.

The Korean thriller follows the story of student turned elementary school teacher, Moon Dong-eun, as she seeks revenge against her high school bullies once she reaches adulthood.

The drama is full of twists and turns in Dong-eun’s quest to take down her tormentors, so here’s the end of it The glory season one party two explained.


Spoilers below, you’ve been warned!

What happens at the end of The glory?

At the end of season one party two, Dong-eun has managed to take down all of her high school bullies.

The main antagonist is obviously Park Yeon-Jin, who, as the season progresses, is responsible for the murder of two people – her target for Dong-eun and another student who almost found out about the first murder.

Dong-eun slowly but surely ruins Yeon-Jin’s life by causing her to lose her job, family and freedom while being sent to prison.

Some of Dong-eun’s other tormentors, such as Son Myeong-O and Jeon Jae-Jun, are killed by or because of Dong-eun throughout the season, meaning she has achieved her goal of sweet, sweet revenge.

At the end of season one, part two and after her bullies are dealt with, Dong-eun realizes that she has a desire for revenge that just won’t go away. Struggling with this, she attempted suicide but is stopped and then spends time focusing on herself.

netflix the glory ending explained


Following this, we see Dong-eun’s best friend and (spoiler alert) then-partner, Joo Yeo-Jeong, share his own story of seeking justice with her. His father was killed by a man who is in jail but still harassing him with disturbing letters, so they both set their sights on Yeo-Jeong’s father’s killer.

Dong-Eun starts working as a teacher in the killer’s prison and Yeo-Jeong becomes the prison’s doctor.

Will there be a season 2 of it The glory?

Well, we don’t know yet! Dong-Eun’s revenge on the killer is definitely worth exploring, and we can’t ignore the fact that many of season one’s villains are still alive.

Most of them are in prison, but they are rich and powerful, which means they can get out of prison, which means Moon Dong-Eun has to quench her thirst for revenge again.

The Glory parts one and two are now available to stream on Netflix.

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