My 12 year old daughter was charged with robbery from Walmart and banned from the store, it was completely unfair

A DAUGHTER was caught stealing a Dum Dum lollipop and is now banned from Walmart – her father is furious that the store would cause a scene over it.

The father, Jamie Hurley, revealed that his 12-year-old daughter opened a bag of lollipops and ate one in an Atlanta store before paying for it while alone.


Jamie Hurley believes Walmart went too far by making a big deal out of his daughter eating a lollipop at the storeCredit: WSB TV
Walmart has a strict policy when it comes to stealing, regardless of age


Walmart has a strict policy when it comes to stealing, regardless of ageCredit: WSB TV

“It was a Dum Dum… the kind that the Walmart salutes usually give to kids who come into the store,” Hurley explained to WSB-TV Atlanta.

Now the two have been warned with a temporary restraining order and have been instructed not to return to the store.

Hurley said he offered to pay for the bag of lollipops, but was declined.

“I am never allowed to enter Walmart’s land or property,” Hurley said.

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Hurley reportedly became extremely upset about the case and became aggressive towards employees as he tried to stick up for her, but his efforts may have made things worse.

“I just thought it was completely unfair for them to deal with this, with a 12-year-old kid eating a piece of candy,” Hurley said.

Hurley added that he got over the fact that stealing is wrong with his daughter and that this was the first time something like this had happened.

Walmart and the police didn’t feel like it and had already decided how to deal with what happened.

But the father did not give up on that; he demanded justice and even tried to email the company, though Walmart seemed to brush him aside.

Hurley sent a strongly worded email only to get a response stating, “I have forwarded this to the appropriate management team for the Alpharetta, GA store for assistance.”

The upset father decided to give working out with employees at the store one more try, but no one took him seriously.

“And I actually went in yesterday to talk, and they just refused. They said it’s an ongoing investigation,” Hurley said.

Police have released a statement on the matter explaining that Hurley has entered the store and they intend to leave the daughter out.

“Mr. Hurley was allowed into our store after verbally abusing employees and disrupting business. Mr. Hurley signed the notice.”

“It was not the intention to enter Mr Hurley’s daughter and we will work with the police to rectify the matter.”

Walmart loses tons of money every year to theft and has gone so far as to erect giant barricades around its makeup and beauty department in some stores to help prevent this.

A Walmart customer also warned fellow shoppers to be wary of “scam machines” that can plug into the card reader at checkout because it happened to her.

There's no way you can talk yourself out of stealing at Walmart


There’s no way you can talk yourself out of stealing at WalmartCredit: Getty

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