Apple Headset: Photos show possible components

Image: Ian Zelbo (Concept Rendering)

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Apple’s headset is on its way to freedom and is practically already on the shelves.

The protected Twitter account “MrWhite128” has published images of ribbon cables that fold into the shape of a headset. Another image shows a cable with three sections that can hold cameras or other sensors. Apple’s XR headset is said to have integrated more than ten cameras for external and internal video tracking.

Image: MrWhite128 via Twitter

Image: MrWhite128 via Twitter

Image: MrWhite128 via Twitter

Image: MrWhite128 via Twitter

Although the Twitter account does not explicitly mention it, it is likely that these are parts of the Apple headset. MrWhite also posted sunglasses emoticons next to the photos. According to MacRumors, the Twitter account has published accurate information about Apple hardware prototypes in the past.

Apple headset finally in sight

Rumors about Apple’s headset have been circulating for years, but never before has the density of leaks been as high and as concrete as in recent months – and they all point to a launch this year, after being revealed in late 2022 or early 2023, it was summer briefly shifted to WWDC.

According to a recent leak, the multiple delays were also due to different internal perspectives on the product: while Apple’s operating unit wanted to release a headset based on current technical capabilities, the industrial design team reportedly pushed to delay the release. until the design of the device met Apple’s high standards.

In the end, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly sided with the operating unit and ordered a launch for this year, also with the prospect that the new device will be the first all-new class of devices in its day.

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