Another automaker likely to adopt Android as CarPlay slowly loses ground

The confirmation was provided by Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, who said the automaker is exploring options to use Google Automotive Services.

News of the talks between Porsche and Google first came out in early January. At the time, it was believed that the company was also exploring other potential partners, including Apple. Google is now in pole position to strike a deal with Porsche, though a final decision has yet to be made.

Porsche could become the next automaker to adopt Android Automotive and offer services like Google Maps and Google Assistant at the vehicle level.

Compared to Android Auto, Android Automotive is a full-featured platform that powers the entire in-car infotainment experience. As such, Google’s services come with deeper in-car integration. Google Assistant can control vehicle settings, including the air conditioning system.

Google Maps can read battery information and adjust the navigation accordingly. If the current range of a EV not reach a destination, Google Maps can automatically search for nearby charging stations and suggest stops.

The parent company Volkswagen would not be involved in the cooperation between the car manufacturer and Google. Volkswagen Group recently announced a new app store developed by CARIAD that would be installed in cars from the brands it owns, including Audi and Skoda. The third-party app store will also include the Vivaldi browser, an application also available on Android Automotive.

Talks between Porsche and Google are still ongoing, but an official announcement is expected by the summer.

Apple is late to the party

Google’s full-featured car solutions seem to be gaining popularity. Rival Apple, on the other hand, is working around the clock to complete the next-generation CarPlay experience. For now, Apple’s car ambitions boil down to the current version of CarPlay, a competitor to Google’s Android Auto.

Like Android Auto, CarPlay requires a smartphone to mirror the mobile screen to the display built into the dashboard.

The revised CarPlay version would use all in-cab displays for an enhanced infotainment experience. Apple is pursuing an approach similar to Google’s, allowing automakers to fully customize the look and feel of the interface. In this way, automakers can maintain their brand identity, despite the underlying technology being powered by Apple.

The new CarPlay is expected to launch later this year, and Apple is working with several automakers to preload the system into their vehicles. Ford is one of the companies that would launch MY 2024 cars with the new CarPlay pre-installed.

It is believed that Porsche has stopped talks with Apple because the system is not yet ready. Android Automotive from Google is already used in vehicles from Volvo, Polestar, General Motors and Renault.

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