Will there be a season 2 of Outlast on Netflix?

Will there be a season 2 of Outlast on Netflix? We discuss the popular survival competition and whether there will be a second season.

to survive is the seriously intense survival game show on Netflix; think Bear Grylls meets The hunger Games. Testing the participants’ physical, mental and survival skills in the Alaskan wilderness.

Survivors are usually lone wolves so what happens if they are placed in a pack and to have to win? This game has no mood; stopping is the only way out. The contestants must build their campsites, hunt for food, find fresh water and stay warm. As well as completing conquests set by the game masters. With 16 starting entrants, the eye is on the mammoth million dollar prize pool. Season 1 had eight episodes, each about an hour long, and each episode was as suspenseful and dramatic as the last.

Will there be a Season 2 of Outlast on Netflix – Renewed or Canceled status

Netflix has not canceled or renewed the survival league series to survive yet.

I hope they do. The tricky part is finding contestants who are just as serious, sneaky and brave as the previous couple.

The production of this kind of survival game show set in the open wilderness doesn’t cost much, and since it doesn’t have a script, I think it’s an easy show to revamp. Perhaps the big million dollar pot prize can keep it from getting a second season as it is significantly higher than any of the other game shows.

As someone who loves survival game shows, I bet they can cut the prize pool in half to $500,000 and still get a bunch of crazy contestants on the game, because while it’s about the money, it’s also about survival, and that urge to win may be enough.

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I would imagine their insurance is also relatively high as these participants put their health and life at risk. Even in Season 1, the producers had to step in and take Angie out of camp because she was so unwell, but determined not to let her torch go off and leave camp.

There is room for more changes, such as more group challenges to test the teams and perhaps adding more contestants to the series to create more competition and intense drama. For example, a character fell out because he became alone (his team falls apart/leaves, etc.), and according to the rules you are not allowed to be alone in this game. He was rejected by one team and refused to go to another. It would have been interesting to drop someone out of the sky, making them a new team and how the other teams would react.

So there’s room and hope, so go watch it, get those opinions, and Netflix could bless us with a second season.

Outlast season 2 release date

We’ll have to wait for Netflix to see if we get a second season and release date to survive Season 2.

If this is the end, and this was a one-off series, there’s other unscripted original content to look forward to from Netflix. The streaming giant has filmed a real-life Squid Game reality show called Squid Game: The Challengewhich sounds like another terrifying survival game show.

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