What exactly is a Mopar car?

Mopar is one of the more confusing terms in the automotive world. You may have noticed the Mopar brand when buying parts for a modern charger. You may have heard motorheads refer to a vintage Plymouth Barracuda, Jeep, or even a Ram truck as a Mopar. Or you even saw that the company sponsors race cars and races. What the heck is a Mopar car? Read on for the word’s complex history, from its origins in the 1920s to its most common slang meaning to its modern trademarks.

In 1937, Chrysler Motor Parts became Mopar

2015 Canadian Dodge Mopar NASCAR Car | Matthew Manor/NASCAR via Getty Images

In 1937, the Chrysler Corporation came up with a brilliant new product: antifreeze. You may laugh, but when car radiators were full of plain water, owners had to drain all this fluid on freezing nights and then pour in fresh water to start the vehicle. Engineers discovered that mixing ethylene glycol with water created a coolant that remained liquid below freezing, and antifreeze was born.

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