Walmart shoppers rush to buy new workout set starting at $6 — the matching tank tops and shorts “you need in every color”

WITH the approaching summer months, shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on matching workout sets from Walmart.

A TikToker named @walmartgems found the brand on a recent shopping trip at her local Walmart.


Each pair of shorts starts at the low price of $6.98Credit:
In her store, the gym shirts cost only $5.98


In her store, the gym shirts cost only $5.98Credit:

Despite the name, Walmartgems is not affiliated with the major retailer, just a superfan.

She posts all kinds of videos like viral dupes, new products to look at, and limited edition items.

This time, she posted about the Athletic Works gym shorts and matching shirts deal.

The superfan loved the shorts so much that she said in the video that she needed them “in every color.”

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The sets come in eight different colors and cost anywhere from $5.98 to $6.98 each.

The shorts are machine washable and made of 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex.

Please note that prices and products are likely to vary based on store and state.


Sean (@superunsexy) is another TikToker and recently shared how he got 14 packs of Cattleman’s Cut beef jerky for $14.

The bargain hunter found the Cattleman’s Cut Teriyaki Beef Jerky on the clearance cap on the top shelf.

For a 10-ounce bag, these range from $14 on Amazon to $15 at Albertsons.

In fact, the same bag cost $26 online at Walmart just a few weeks earlier.

Additionally, another savvy shopper by the name of Denice (@beautyqueen_denice) posted a video revealing how shoppers can get black and pink Brahma Maddox Women’s Composite Toe Work Shoes for just $1, even though they usually cost $34.

The shoes have a steel toe cap for safety, an antimicrobial footbed that helps prevent fatigue and a non-slip, oil-resistant sole.

She also found pants and shirts starting at just $1.

This included light-colored high-waisted stretch jeans from Time and Tru brands, which typically cost around $20.


For even more savings, consider downloading the Walmart app, as it’s the best way to find deals on hidden clearance.

The app has special clearance items and a scan tool.

Since Walmart stores may be understaffed and have tons of items, changing price tags may not be a top priority.

Shoppers can even scan mispriced items with the Walmart app and employees will give you the lower price at the checkout.

In addition, keep an eye out for products from the Great Value brand.

These are Walmart’s store brand products, which typically have the same quality and taste as other brands, but at a much lower price.

Shoppers can also find plenty of deals through the website as Walmart has tons of special deals online.

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Plus, customers rush to score items that are scanned for just 10 cents.

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