Two of the newest Netflix series with perfect 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes

Not every Netflix series can be a winner – and in fact there are tons of them objectively and laughably bad – but every so often the streaming giant launches new titles or new seasons of existing shows that critics or viewers, and sometimes both, will consider perfect or almost perfect.

The same also applies to the other end of the spectrum. Very often you see critics throwing out a Netflix series that viewers love and vice versa, when it is much rarer that they both agree that a particular series is a failure. But it also happens from time to time, like with a new release like season 2 of Sex/Life (currently rocking an abysmal 46% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing and an even more abysmal 21% critics rating).

In the meantime, let’s take a look at two Netflix series with new episodes that recently hit the streamer and still hold perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Top rated Netflix series

By the way, the Netflix shows you’ll find below include a new sports documentary series and the second half of an existing Netflix K-drama.

Full swing

The first one Full swinga sports documentary series that debuted on Netflix last week that the streamer has just announced is being renewed for a second season.

A promotional still from the Netflix sports docuseries ‘Full Swing’. Image source: Netflix

The 8-episode series has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and here’s what Netflix says about what viewers can expect:

“Full Swing follows a diverse group of pro golfers on and off the course through a brutal competitive season. The golfers undergo a high-stakes program week in and week out, including exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the PGA Tour. The documentary gives fans the chance to get to know the players through their wins and losses and see what it takes to compete – and succeed – at the highest level in professional men’s golf.

Even casual sports fans, a Rotten Tomatoes critic notes, “will have no problem with the project as presented, because so many of the stories touch the heart.”

The glory

As for this next Netflix series, The glory is a K-drama that’s also a bit different from the genre’s usual fare on Netflix.

For starters, it’s split into two parts, which you never really see Netflix do with a Korean series (Part 2 of The glory entered service on 10 March). It’s also built around a female lead and it is not primarily a romance, the kind of story you often get from Netflix’s Korean series built around women. There’s also nudity – in the service of showing the main character’s physical scars – but which, again, is something unusual in a Korean Netflix series.

The Glory on Netflix
Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun in Netflix’s “The Glory” Image Source: Graphyoda/Netflix

Like it Full swing, The glory also currently has a 100% rating on Netflix. From the Netflix description of the series:

Song Hye-kyo, one of Korea’s top female leads, plays Moon Dong-eun, who seeks revenge against the bullies who destroyed her childhood. Song takes on a very different character from her previous appearances in Now, We Are Breaking Up, Encounter and That Winter, the Wind Blows. who didn’t lift a finger to help.

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