Kansas is considering allowing home delivery of beer, wine and liquor

Want a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer at your doorstep, in addition to Amazon packages or your grocery order? This scenario could potentially soon become a reality in Kansas.

Lawmakers are weighing whether supermarkets, restaurants and liquor stores will be allowed to deliver beer, wine and spirits to an individual, either themselves or through a third-party delivery service, such as DoorDash or Uber Eats.

Such a move would follow a series of attempts to modernize the state’s liquor laws, such as a move from the COVID-19 pandemic era to allow on-the-go drink sales and expand Sunday liquor sales.

More than half of all states currently allow the delivery of liquor, and many of them have made the restrictions of the COVID-19 era permanent over the past two years. But following suit would be a big change for Kansas, a state that until recently had one of the most restrictive liquor laws in the country.

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