How supermarkets deal with expired food, products

ASHEVILLE – A reader wonders what happens to grocery store food once it’s past its expiration date. Do you have a question for Answer Man or Answer Woman? Email interim executive editor Karen Chávez at and your question could appear in an upcoming column.

Ask: If a supermarket product has not been purchased on its best before date, what do the supermarkets do with those products? Does it matter if that product is perishable like fish? Is there data on how much product in volume could end up in landfill?

Answer: I’ve cashed in some pretty good deals in the clearance aisles of supermarkets, as well as in the fish, meat, and bakery departments, when prices are slashed on products that make their way into or past their “best by,” expiration dates, and expiration dates. are still considered good and edible, as explained by our Southern Kitchen editor and former ACT food writer at

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