Final sales are now underway as Walmart plans to close the last remaining stores in the major US city – see if yours is affected

SHOPPERS have just days to take advantage of some of the closing sales at Walmarts across the country.

The retail giant has closed several stores across the country over lower-than-expected sales and a larger trend dubbed the “retail apocalypse.”


The sun sets on several Walmarts across the country closing this monthCredit: AP

Inflation has caused customer demand to drop significantly and many Americans are turning to online shopping for greater convenience.

That has created the perfect storm for retailers to struggle financially, and hundreds have already closed across the country.

Walmart is no exception.


Although the chain has more than 5,000 locations in the United States, the company has been forced to close some stores with low sales.

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So is the location in Pinellas Park, Florida, which will officially close in four days on March 17.

Following this closure, Walmart continues to have plans to downsize its retail fleet.

Portland shoppers are particularly affected by the closures, as Walmart plans to close two in the city on March 24.

However, Walmart’s closures extend much further, with the company announcing that eight stores would close in five states this spring.

That includes a location in Washington, D.C. that will be bidding customers farewell on March 31.

The store’s pharmacy closes early on March 17.

According to the retail giant, several factors played a role in the closures.

Some closures can be attributed to theft in specific areas.

Earlier, Walmart’s CEO warned that rising crime in some neighborhoods could lead to higher prices or total store closures.

Illinois, DC, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico and Wisconsin will all experience new Walmart closures this spring, forcing many shoppers to miss out on their favorite neighborhood grocery store.

Earlier this year, three Walmart supercenters in Plainfield and Homewood, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, closed.


While store closings are stressful for retailers, it can be a great time for shoppers to score huge deals on items before the store closes for good.

These deals include everything from grocery supplies, housewares, to toys and over-the-counter products.

To find out if a product has a price lower than the listed clearance price, customers must scan the item’s barcode in the Walmart app.

This can reveal deals for just a few dollars.

In addition to letting you know about the hidden clearance prices, Walmart’s website also offers exclusive coupons.

Finally, it can pay off to use cashback or rewards apps.

These apps give you money back for all your purchases.

Ibotta is one of the most popular to use, as customers have said they save an average of $150 per year.


Numerous other stores are experiencing the negative effects of the retail apocalypse.

Gap and Banana Republic are closing more than 50 of their stores nationwide.

Likewise, Bed Bath & Beyond is reducing the number of physical stores they operate across the country.

Bed Bath & Beyond executives officially announced the closing of 150 of their stores last September.

Macy’s has also been hit by financial problems, closing more than 100 department stores by 2023.

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Three other stores are closing this week, including one of Walmart’s locations.

In addition, Walmart is making eight major changes to their stores that will change the way customers shop forever.

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