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There’s something about the self-checkout at Walmart that makes customers ready for battle. Is it the wait before calling in your own order that puts people on edge? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s kind of a setup like a ring.

The cause is neither here nor there. It’s a fact that people like to go crazy at the self-checkout checkouts at their local Walmart. Even a few middle-aged women can’t resist going toe-to-toe when the mood strikes.

Two women fighting at Walmart (Image Credit: infamousRIOT/Twitter)

Once the decision was made to turn this argument into a physical altercation, there was no stopping it. Not even the employee who was around could prevent it. All he could do was do exactly what he did. And that wasn’t much at all.

He got as close to the action as possible without taking any of the blows to the head. He then waved his arms and started screaming.

The screams did little to detract from the action, and the fight came to a natural end. With one of the women falling to the floor after eating a hearty right hand.

Sometimes you come across Walmart and everything goes smoothly. Other times, a few women trade blows at the self-checkout counter. You just never know what’s going to happen.

We can be thankful that one person thought to turn on their camera and capture the end of the argument right before the fireworks exploded.

In a clip, at the moment has 4.4 million viewsthe argument comes to an end and the second-in-line woman starts making her way to a free self-checkout counter.

Bring your mouthpiece, you never know when a fight will break out at Walmart

This prompts the woman she had a fight with to follow her closely. The dragging woman then kicks the other in the back of her legs.

This move is met with a hard slap in the face. As the employee moves over to wave his hands and yell, a backlash is heard and it’s officially on.

The receiver of the second blow decides it’s time to end the fight. So she lands a series of blows that knocks her opponent to the ground.

That’s a battle to self check out. It’s short and sweet and several shots landed. There’s even a knockdown.

However, the real star of the show isn’t any of the women in the fray. Nor is it the employee’s fault. The real star is the woman in the crosshairs at the self-checkout. Look at her. She doesn’t miss a beat.

A full-blown brawl takes place between two people just a few behind her and, save for a few glances, she remains focused on calling her order. She doesn’t have time for that kind of shenanigans.

It’s just another day at Walmart and she’s got things to do.

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