Android 14 could have a password login feature, improved privacy

Last updated: March 10, 2023 at 01:01 UTC+01:00

Google recently released the second Developer Preview for Android 14, which allows app developers to test the latest updates for the upcoming version of the operating system. While the first in February gave users a glimpse of the improvements coming our way, the second topped it off with even more exciting changes – from some serious security and privacy upgrades to a brand new API that takes away our reliance on passwords with its magical login feature. for passwords.

Android 14 can put an extra layer of security on your Galaxy phone

Android 14 not only has the same old username and password combinations, but it’s also better equipped than ever: say hello to Credential Manager, which should be similar to Samsung Pass. This handy API provides a secure way to log in using a variety of methods, from passkeys to federated logins.

The first Android 14 preview already had all of that, but Google has spruced it up with some slick new UI improvements based on all the feedback they’ve gotten. Third-party developers like Dashlane (a password manager that claims to have never been breached) are already on the trail of incorporating password key login technology once Android 14 officially launches later this year.

In addition, Android 14 could offer improved privacy by giving users more control over how their information is shared. Now, with the improved photo picker (originally released in Android 13), apps no longer have free reign over your entire media collection. Instead, you can decide which specific images and videos you want apps to access. So apps can’t stealthily get hold of your media without your knowledge.

The second Android 14 preview also brings improvements to system performance and battery life. In particular, optimizations have been made to Android’s memory management system to prevent applications from consuming excessive resources while idle. We expect the beta version of Android 14 for Google devices to be available in April and you can expect the final version to be publicly released around August 2023.

Android 14 will be coming to many Galaxy phones and tablets, accompanied by a new version of Samsung One UI, possibly just a month or two after the vanilla version is released by Google. We’ve put together a list of Samsung devices likely to get Android 14 that you can check out here, but keep in mind that device compatibility may change as the months go by and after the Android 13 successor arrives.

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