Why this new Korean drama series is a refreshing take on lawyer shows

In today’s world, emotionally devastating divorces are unfortunately becoming more common. Those who have experienced such events become psychologically and emotionally affected by these traumas as they grow older. With that being said, the mere thought of a lawyer and his paralegal slyly pulling a kid out of school involved in a case they’re working on and then taking them to a fast food restaurant to uncover potentially incriminating information would certainly be enough to set a lot of people on fire. While any real-life situation closely related to a hypothetical situation like this would result in immediate legal repercussions, the same scenario playing out in the first episode of a new streaming series is more than enough to draw viewers.


Mastering the art of law can be complex. Life itself can turn out to be very complex. Featuring the first hour-long episode of the new hit Netflix show called Divorce lawyer Shin a Korean lawyer named Shin Sung-Han, who will be released on March 3, shows that action that falls outside ethical standards can sometimes bring you closer to the truth.

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Dive into the life of a divorce lawyer


Once a music professor in Germany, Sung-Han must travel back to his home country of South Korea, where he starts out as a lawyer and eventually opens a vintage-style office where a historical aesthetic is a central theme. Due to details of his childhood that have not yet been revealed, he specializes in divorce cases. Working alongside him is Jang Hyeong-Geun, the manager of the office, and Sae-Bom, who is an assistant to both of them. In the first part of this webtoon adaptation, a woman named Lee Seo-Jin is shocked by a leaked sex tape featuring her secret lover and comes to Shin Sung-Han, seeking his help in a divorce initiated by her. husband.

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Through Seo-Jin’s story, we find out that her husband isn’t so innocent either. Not only is he physically abusive, but the man is also extremely controlling, demanding a picture every half hour to find out where she is and taking pictures of her clothes every day to find out if anything is missing. Because of this, her lifelong friends don’t want her around, as it usually causes public awkwardness and tension. As said at the beginning, this entire first episode revolves around a little boy who gets caught up in this ongoing excruciating battle between his divorcing parents.

Balance between the genres of comedy, drama and suspense

Hyeong-Geun, Sung-Han and Jeong-Sik in divorce lawyer Shin

The diner scene shows that actor Cho Seung-Woo, who plays Shin Sung-Han, knows how to bring out the smallest details that would take such a sensitive scene with a small child to the next level. See how Seung-Woo also appears in numerous Korean suspense-themed Netflix selections, including Sisyphus: the myth And Stranger, this does not come as a shock. In Divorce lawyer Shin, tense scenes such as the tactful conversation between child and adult are brought back by Kim Sung-Kyun, who steps into the shoes of paralegal Jang Hyeong-Geun. Not just starring in international Netflix movies like the one from 2022 Seoul atmospherehe has also recently taken on roles in Disney Plus Korean Dramas such as Schedule And Moving. Sung-Kyun knows how to efficiently float between different feelings and fits perfectly in a show that nestles between two different genres. While actor Jung Moon-Sung is used sparingly in the premiere episode as failing real estate agent Jo Jung-Sik, his mischievous antics are sure to feature in future installments.

The very first storyline of set in motion Divorce lawyer Shin, one cannot forget the mother who arrives at Sung-Han’s office. Han Hye-Jin plays the shattered woman who wants nothing more than to get custody of her only son. Hye-Jin is an award-winning actress who has not only lent her voice to the Korean dub of Rise of the Guardians in 2011, starring Chris Pine and Hugh Jackman, but also has the unique ability to host several shows such as the comedy variety show My little old boy and the KBS Drama Awards in 2011. Similar to the Emmy Awards, KBS celebrates actors and actresses on the Korean Broadcasting System network. She plays excellently Divorce lawyer Shinknow when to back off and move forward with the emotions sending viewers on a rollercoaster ride.

The concept behind it Divorce lawyer Shin was conceived by screenwriters Lee Jae-Hun and Yu Young-a. With other Korean works to their credit, such as the romantic comedy about life Run on and the midlife crisis exploration series Thirty-nine (both of which can also be found on the Netflix streaming platform), this new law series is not only an excellent watch for both the domestic and international markets as it touches on social issues that affect us all, but also reveals that sometimes you have to think outside the box the beaten track to defeat a social injustice.

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