Walmart fleeing Portland shows what Democrat-run cities can get you

All Walmart stores in Portland’s liberal hellhole are closing permanently, partly due to shoplifting gone wrong.

And I have some Final Thoughts powered by 4 Patriots.

Yes, the last two remaining Walmart stores in Portland’s ANTIFA stronghold are closing, meaning the city will have zero Walmart locations.

The company says this is due to “poor financial results,” but just a few months ago, their CEO was singing a different tune, saying theft will force stores to raise prices or close altogether if nothing is done to curb the massive control theft problem.

And guess what, boom. It happened.

Nearly 600 employees in the Portland area will now be out of work, all because villains in this country – and particularly in Dem-run hellscapes like Portland – know they can steal and steal and take and take and suffer little to NO consequences.

They are trained to believe that taking things that you didn’t pay for or that don’t belong to you is a form of justice or reparation.


So it’s no damn wonder how we got here.

And if Walmart, one of the largest companies in the world, feels the sting of mass theft, you can imagine what smaller stores, businesses and convenience stores go through when this kind of nonsense happens day in and day out.

And it’s not just the material loss. Shoppers who are there to actually obey the civil code and BUY their items are terrified of entering these stores for fear of getting caught in the chaos or even getting a goddamn elbow or worse.

And do you think any of the people involved in this ratchet melee will be charged or punished? I go for NO.

Democrats must answer for Walmart-Portland Mess

Democrats have had some accountability for violent crime. Like the old Bettlejuice bug in Chicago, but generally no Democratic politicians have had to answer for retail theft and crime.

But Democrats will never recognize shoplifting as a crime and why? Since they can’t blame guns or climate change or any of their usual BS scapegoats, they have only themselves and their criminal constituents to blame.

It’s a shame people can’t even go to a goddamn Walmart and save some money and shop for less. You know, growing up, the worst thing you saw at Walmart might have been a butt crack or an exposed beer gut, but this is a whole new can of worms.

And now that Target has woken up all the way to chest straps and BLM paraphernalia, well, I guess we should all just use instacart or uber eats and live off a prayer.

I don’t recognize my country anymore, I really don’t.

Those are my final thoughts.

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