Telegram’s new mode improves performance and battery life for Android devices

Telegram is known for its silky smooth interface and offers stunning visuals that lift it above the experience of some of the best messaging apps. While this experience is optimized by the company and tested on 200 Android devices, sometimes it’s good to be able to roll things back to further improve performance or better yet, improve battery life. In the latest update, Telegram did just that, giving users a new way to change the look and feel of the app, with the ability to optimize performance for low to mid-range handsets and even older Android devices .

The new power saving mode can even optimize the experience, providing an overall better experience for the users. The new mode allows users to set when to activate the power saving mode when it reaches a certain threshold or just have it on all the time. The new mode has detailed controls for videos, gif animations, sticker animations, chat effects and more. You can largely configure things the way you want, while also maximizing your phone’s battery life and performance.

While some power-saving modes in other apps and services leave you completely compromising the experience, Telegram’s option allows users to choose which parts they want to look fresh, and other areas where they might not. . These improved power settings are largely for Android devices. But there will also be a power saving mode for iOS users, but the functionality won’t be as powerful, with the only option available to limit background updates.

In addition to the new power-saving mode, Telegram also offers more media playback controls, with even more detailed playback speed controls, allowing users to choose speeds from 0.2 times to 2.5 times the speed. Furthermore, the company also adds read receipts with timestamps to group messages where the group consists of less than 100 members.

As an added bonus, users can now limit who adds them to a group, keeping their experience a little more private. However, that doesn’t mean the feature is completely blocked, with those users still being able to join a group via an invite link sent via message. Of course, as with every Telegram update, users will get access to even more emoji, emoji reactions, and stickers. For the most part, this is another great update for Telegram users and the app is available to download for iOS and Android.

Source: Telegram

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