Ted Danson’s ‘The Mole Agent’ Ordered to Series on Netflix

The mole agent series adaptation has officially begun, as Netflix passed on an eight-episode order for the project. The series is coming out Mike Schuur, who serves as writer and executive producer. It will reunite him with The good place star Ted Dansonwho will lead the project.

The adjustment was first announced in early February. At the time, no streaming outlet was hooked up to release the project, though several were in a bidding war for the distribution rights. Netflix eventually claimed the project, beating big names like HBO Max and Prime Video for the rights. Universal Television, a frequent contributor to Schur, will produce the series, thanks to an overall deal between Schur and the company.


The mole agent first made headlines in 2020 when the documentary was first released. It’s about private detective Romulo Aitken, who is recruited by a young woman who is concerned about the well-being of her mother, who lives in a Chilean nursing home. As part of the investigation, RĂ³mulo hires an elderly man, Sergio, to infiltrate the nursing home and find out if the daughter’s claims are correct. Written and directed by Maite Albertithe documentary received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

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According to the logline, the adjustment will follow a similar premise. It follows Danson’s character Charles, “a retired man who gets a new life when he responds to a P.I.’s ad and becomes a mole in a secret investigation.” While no further details about the plot have been revealed, it could very well have a comedic tone given Schur and Danson’s history. As mentioned earlier, the duo worked together on NBC’s The good place, a comedy series that ran for a total of four seasons. Schur is also known for his involvement in shows such as The office, Brooklyn nine-nineAnd Parks and recreation.

The rest of The mole agent Team

The series is executive produced by Schur Morgan Sacket for Fremulon and David Miner from 3 Arts Entertainment, two companies that also often work with Universal. Other executive producers include Alberdi And Marcela Santibanez from Micromundo Producciones, and Julie Goldman And Christopher Clemens for Motto images. No directors or additional cast have been announced at this time.

The mole agent currently has no expected release window, but will debut on Netflix. In the meantime, watch the original documentary on Hulu now.

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