iPhones with Touch ID and Face ID under the screen are still planned

Apple has a few big iPhone projects in the works to move Face ID below the screen and bring back Touch ID. However, two new reports today say we are still several years away from any of these projects seeing the light of day.

First and foremost a reliable industry analyst says Ross Young that Apple has been forced to delay its plans for under-display Face ID by at least a year. Based on timeline rumours, this would mean that under-display Face ID could debut in the iPhone lineup around 2025. The delay, according to Young, is due to “sensor issues” that have affected Apple’s production.

At the same time, Apple is also working on a project that would bring Touch ID back to the iPhone. However, unlike when the feature was first introduced with the iPhone 5S, Apple’s goal this time is to add Touch ID below the iPhone’s screen.

According to user yeux1122 on the Korean blog Naver, who has accurately reported Apple rumors in the past, Apple has recently “made some progress in the recent development of built-in Touch ID under the display”.

“Judging by the current level of development,” today’s report suggests that under-screen Touch ID is two to three years on track after Face ID moves under-screen. This seems to imply that Touch ID’s under-screen timeline depends on the success of under-screen Face ID.

Finally, the report says that Apple is using a new system that combines components such as shortwave infrared and an optical system. In addition to basic fingerprint recognition, such a system could also be used for things like oxygen saturation and heart rate. This system also “demonstrates a rapid situational recognition rate by determining whether the user is wearing gloves and whether the user’s fingers are wet or dry.”

9to5Mac’s Take

These rumors are getting further and further away and are not necessarily tied to a specific iPhone model. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see the different things Apple has teams working on.

I stand by my long-held belief that Apple should compromise and bring Touch ID to the side button of the iPhone. It may continue to work on more advanced technology such as Touch ID below the screen, but Touch ID in the side button would be a huge advantage in the meantime.

What do you think of Apple’s long-term plans for iPhone biometrics? Let us know in the comments below.

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