Amy Slaton Arrest, criminal history

1000 lbs. sisters star Amy Slaton has a warning for young people to stay out of trouble after revealing she has a criminal record. Keep reading to learn more about Amy’s arrest.

Why Was Amy Slaton Arrested?

The reality star, who is in her mid-30s, was busted for shoplifting a book from a local Walmart in her early 20s. Amy explained what happened in a YouTube video she posted in February 2017.

“It was 2010. I had a job… I had recently quit my job. My grandfather died and everything was going badly for me. I really wanted this book and I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to try and steal it,'” she explained.

Amy revealed that she put the book in her purse and as she walked out the door of the store, the security sensors went off. When an employee came by and asked Amy if she had stolen anything, she said “no” and let the person search her bag.

The employee found the book and Amy lied and said she bought it from a different store. After watching the security video, the employee saw the TLC star steal the book and called the police.

Amy revealed that the Walmart employee told her that if she hadn’t lied to him about stealing the book, he wouldn’t have called the police. “If you had told the truth, I would have let you go with a warning,” he told Amy, who admitted, “I thought I was going to scream like a baby when I got arrested.”

Was Amy Slaton jailed after her arrest?

The reality star was taken to the local police station where her fingerprints were taken and her mug shot taken, as Amy joked, “I was a lot skinnier back then.” She was held in the agency’s jail for two hours before her mother came to pick her up.

What was Amy Slaton’s punishment for shoplifting?

Amy went to court a month later and was fined $400, including court costs. She noted that the price of the book she stole was only $8 and that the theft ended up costing her so much more than the item she stole. “Be warned if you’re a little kid and you’re watching this, there are consequences,” Amy warned.

The Kentucky native was banned from Walmart for two years as part of her sentence, which she said was “heavy” because it was the only major store in her city.

Does Amy Slaton regret her crime?

“I always learn from my mistakes and this was a big mistake and I’ve never done it again and I will never do it again,” said Amy in the video, adding, “We all have a past and we all learn from it and move on, and I don’t think my past should be a problem.

Amy shares two young sons with an estranged husband Michael Halterman. Gage Deon was born in November 2020, while his younger brother, Glenn Allen, arrived in July 2022. Although Amy was not a mother at the time of making the video, she had a message for kids when it comes to theft and other crimes.

“I don’t want little kids going out and thinking it’s okay to steal and get in trouble and stuff like that. I don’t want that to happen. Please don’t do the stupid things I did… I did stupid things when I was younger,” Amy advised.

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