Women are breaking the barriers in the gaming ecosystem

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Gaming has long been considered a male-dominated field. Women passionate about gaming have often faced gender discrimination and stereotypes that hindered their advancement in the gaming ecosystem. However, in recent years, women have broken barriers and changed the narrative around female gamers. They have actively pursued their passion for gaming and made their mark on the industry, resisting the stereotypes and prejudices they have faced.

Payal Dhare, also known as ‘Payal Gaming’, creator of 8Bit Creatives said, “Women bring unique perspectives, ideas and creativity to the industry, helping to drive innovation and progress. Women’s contribution to the gaming industry has been proven to play an important role in bringing in new audiences and increasing revenue.”

Krutika Ojha, also known as ‘Krutika Plays’, creator of 8Bit Creatives said, “Embracing diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry is a goal we continually strive for. The games industry can take advantage of a wider pool of talent, ideas and perspectives and create games that appeal to a more diverse audience. Not only does this help drive the growth of the industry, but it also helps break down barriers and stereotypes associated with gaming. Striving for greater diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry is not just important for women, but for the industry as a whole.”

The prominence of women in gaming is not just limited to Esports athletes or streamers, they are also making their presence felt in the industry by creating their own startups. Richa Singh, the co-founder and CEO of FanClash, Asia’s largest fantasy Esports platform, has debunked the widely held stereotypes and proved that women can take the lead in gaming and become one of the key players in the industry.

Richa Singh, the co-founder and CEO of FanClash said: “The past few years have seen a huge shift in the gaming industry, with a remarkable move towards gender equality as women showed their ability to be on an equal footing with male gamers to compete. foot. Women are an active part of the gaming community and work to bridge the gap between themselves and their male counterparts. The priority should be to create safe spaces for leadership identity where women should be able to focus on work, not thinking too much about invisible barriers, and creating jobs for those women who are passionate about gaming and want to make a career out of it, from game designers and developers to content creators and influencers.

Women not only break stereotypes in the gaming ecosystem, they prove they belong in the industry and change the narrative. It is essential to continue to strive for inclusion and diversity in gaming to ensure that everyone feels welcome and represented in this fast-growing industry.

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Women’s contribution to the gaming industry has proven to be an important factor in bringing in new audiences, new brands and increasing sales.

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