Walmart buyers are rushing to pick up a popular toy scan for just 69 cents — right the aisle to look for

WALMART fans are rushing to buy a toy costing only 69 cents in Secret Clearance

For this great deal – you’ll want to head to the Walmart greeting card aisle.


TikTok user couponingwithkayla scored Funko Popsies on secret clearanceCredit: TIKTOK/couponingwithkayla
Tons of toys scanned for just 69 cents despite their $6.98 sticker price


Tons of toys scanned for just 69 cents despite their $6.98 sticker priceCredit: TIKTOK/couponingwithkayla

TikTok user @couponingwithkayla recently shared her bargain find from Funko Popsies.

This frugal mom was browsing the aisles of her local Walmart when she came across dozens of these toys alongside the greeting cards and gift bags.

The sticker price was $6.98 per Popsie – with dozens of characters available.

But when she scanned the barcode with the Walmart app, Kayla discovered that many of the items were actually on secret clearance.

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That meant each Popsie cost just 69 cents at the box office.

Kayla showed off the variety of characters available, including Beauty and the Beast, Charlie Brown, the Golden Girls, and numerous NBA stars.

She then took dozens to the register to prove they were scanning for 69 cents.

“This is such a good deal,” said the saver.

Kayla then made a second trip to Walmart and scanned the other Popsies that didn’t show up as clearance items on the app.

But to her surprise, all of these items were also only 69 cents at the checkout.


Often, Walmart puts a yellow sticker on an item to indicate it’s on sale.

However, the price is not always right.

That’s why you’ll want to use the Walmart app to scan the barcode and spot deals.

This way you know the exact price before you take your products to the checkout.

Coupon fans have had a field day with this frugal feature.

Recently, a Walmart shopper bought a 12-piece outdoor set worth $52 for just $11.

Another found 30-ounce boxes of Goldfish crackers for $2.64 — that’s 70 percent off the sticker price.


A second way to save money at Walmart is through cash back apps like Ibotta.

Ibotta has been around since 2012 and helps shoppers in the US save money at retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, eBay and The Home Depot.

The app can be used both in-store and online, and there’s even a browser extension.

It’s completely free to download and right now Ibotta is offering new customers $10 when they spend $30.

While the company claims to offer up to 30 percent cashback at participating stores, savvy savers are even finding ways to make a profit on the app using hacks.

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