The 6 best Android apps to learn US road signs

Driving can be stressful at times due to bad drivers on the road, bad weather conditions and of course the traffic. Plus, if you’re not familiar with most of the signs you see on the road, you could get in trouble.

Being familiar with road signs is important if you want to be a good driver. Not only is it required to get your driver’s license, but it also keeps you and other drivers safe on the road. In this post, we’ll cover six Android apps that can help you learn almost any road sign.

1. Traffic and Traffic Signs

Traffic and Traffic Signs is an app that can help you pass your driving test. It has a catalog of almost every road sign in the US and includes a few quizzes to test your knowledge.

The Signs section of the app provides information about numerous signs found on US roads. By tapping on a sign you can see a short description of what it means. If you feel like you know most of them, you can try the tests or play one of the two games.

Both practice tests have a time limit of two minutes each. The first will show you a sign and ask you what it means, while the second will give you a description and ask you to choose the right sign. These tests can be a little tricky at first, but you’ll soon realize that most road signs are oddly similar.

There is also the Memory Game and the Guess The Sign activity. The first asks you to find matching pairs of road signs, while the other asks you to guess an incomplete sign. Both are simple, but help you learn about characters through gamification.

To download: Traffic and Traffic Signs (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Practice test USA and traffic signs

If you want to take your time and learn road signs at a slower pace, this is a good alternative to the above app. This app contains a comprehensive guide of traffic rules, lots of information about traffic lights and 21 practice tests with 20 questions each to test your lessons.

The app also has a special section that informs you about common road signs in the US, including legal, warning, and guide signs. When you tap a character on the screen, the app displays a short description with an appropriate preview for certain characters.

Another notable feature is the My Test Score section, which provides detailed insight into your progress. This section displays the number of tests you have attempted and their correct/incorrect answers. Since it contains a total of 21 practice tests, it is recommended that you take a few each day and check the My Test Score section to see your improvements.

To download: US & road sign practice test (free)

3. Traffic and road signs in the US

The US Traffic and Road Signs app is unique in that it categorizes road signs based on type, shape, and color. It allows you to see road signs from a different perspective so you can recognize certain elements and find out what the sign is trying to tell you.

The app has a section with descriptions, examples and images of various traffic signs. You can search through the different categories and learn about the characters in any order you want. This way you not only learn about the boards, but also why they are designed in a certain way.

In the top right corner you will find the Test option, which consists of 30 questions. Due to the lack of a timer, you can read and answer the questions properly, which makes the learning process a bit more accessible. You can also track your progress in the same section.

After answering all 30 questions, you can return to the main menu and select Test again to answer a new set of questions. Unfortunately, it does not provide detailed statistics for all your attempts.

To download: US Road and Traffic Signs (Free)

4. Traffic Signs – US Highway Code

If you always want to have a road sign catalog quickly to hand, this is the app to download. Like other apps on this list, it also includes a quiz section and road sign catalog. However, the descriptive catalog and search feature are things that make this app stand out.

In the Catalog section you will find a list of road signs that have been categorized. You can choose any category of characters you want to learn. Each road sign in the list has a short description and you can browse through the different categories such as traffic signs, emergency signs, recreational signs and road signs.

It also features a Quiz section. Each quiz has a set of 20 random questions with no timer. After you complete the quiz, you can review the mistakes and try any questions you got wrong. Every time you try a new quiz, the questions are different and random.

Finally, the search function allows you to quickly search for any road sign. Type in a small description and the app will instantly find characters related to that description.

To download: Traffic Signs – US Traffic Rules (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Traffic Signs: Game with traffic signs

Most of the apps in our list include some sort of quiz or practice test. However, this one also includes a game that helps you learn as you play along. The game is separate from the quiz section and has a progress bar to track your achievements.

So you have three lives and you have to guess the correct symbol for each question. You earn stars along the way and you can use them later to supplement your life. The game itself is easy at first, but becomes challenging once you start losing lives.

The quiz part is similar as you have a limited number of lives and lose one for every wrong guess. However, you can watch an ad to continue your attempt when you run out of lives. Apart from that, it also includes a catalog of characters so that you can get ready before playing the game or trying the quiz.

To download: Traffic Signs: Road Signs Game (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. U.S. Traffic/Traffic Signs

This app is especially interesting because it has many options that you can go through. For example, you can learn all about traffic signs by browsing the catalogue, using flashcards or playing Guess The Sign game. All of these different approaches mean you’ll easily find something that works for you.

Other than that, it categorizes the learning section into problem sets. These follow a theme and some of the questions are also about how to stay safe in your car. Finally, the quiz portion also follows the same pattern as the problem sets. For example, if you memorize the first learning set, you’ll be ready to take on the first quiz with ease.

To download: US Road/Traffic Signs (Free)

Become a master of US road signs

Knowing most of the road signs in the US is important if you want to become a better driver. With these Android apps, even experienced drivers will find a few they don’t know. Granted, road signs can get complicated, but with a little determination, you can get to know most of them.

In addition, you want to learn about road signs, not only to be a better driver, but also to be safe in your car on longer journeys. Aside from that, it’s always important to prepare for the unexpected when planning a long road trip. Fortunately, there are a few apps that can help you with this.

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