Sony is debunking Microsoft’s Xbox Activision deal with a series of bizarre claims

What you need to know

  • Sony is angry again about the deal between Activision and Microsoft.
  • In comments to the UK CMA, Sony claimed that Microsoft has not offered solutions, despite Activision CEO Bobby Kotick saying Sony is refusing to call back.
  • Microsoft again proposed legally binding mechanisms to continue bringing Call of Duty to PlayStation – something it would of course continue to do anyway, like Minecraft.
  • Sony also bizarrely claims that Microsoft will deliberately introduce bugs into the PlayStation versions of Activision games to undermine its business.
  • Sigh.

The UK’s competition regulator, known as the CMA, has just released its latest round of responses from Microsoft and Sony regarding the big Activision deal.

Microsoft is trying to buy Activision-Blizzard for a massive $69 billion dollars. Competition authorities around the world have been investigating the deal and what impact it could have on the video game industry. The vast majority of stakeholders are in favor of the deal, including Activision shareholders, unions, and even Microsoft’s competitors such as NVIDIA and Tencent. One notable exception, of course, is Sony PlayStation, which pulled out all the stops to try and get the deal blocked.

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