Roblox FPS goes viral to put Call of Duty to shame

A new roblox FPS is going viral because it absolutely put Call of Duty to shame. Call of Duty is considered one of the kings of the FPS genre. While some people may question its quality, it is by far the most commercially successful. The franchise continually dominates the sales charts and shatters absurd records, raking in billions for Activision. However, that success has made Activision a little comfortable and afraid of innovation. It’s also stretched the developers because it’s an unstoppable machine or it could be absolutely devastating to Activision’s annual revenue. If a Call of Duty didn’t come out once a year, who knows what impact that would have on Activision, but it wouldn’t be good.

With many frustrated with the quality of some of the recent Call of Duty games, fans are looking to the competitors to see what might be triggering their jitters. Halo is struggling, Battlefield is starting to receive its flowers after a really botched 2021 launch, and other games just aren’t up to the same level. However, an unlikely contender on roblox now attracts everyone’s attention. The game is called Front lines and it’s free to play within Roblox, and it’s actually absurd how good it is. The gunfight feels great, the visuals are easy on the eyes and it really feels like classic Call of Duty. Considering we all pay $60-$70 every year for a new Call of Duty and this is free and arguably feels a little better… it really shows how far roblox has come and its potential for emerging game developers.

May or may not Front lines gets the chance to expand even further by giving developer Maximillian the chance to hire more people (or be hired by a major studio) remains to be seen. Either way, it’s a great little game that we highly recommend and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a Call of Duty competitor, this is one to check out.

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