Research shows that you don’t want to be in a car driven by an Android or iOS user

Almost a year ago (okay, okay, it was about 10 months), we passed on the result of a poll from Jerry. This is an app that compares car insurance policies side by side to find the best car insurance policy for you. That was revealed by the survey Android users are better drivers than iOS users. A new study was published today based on the answers of 1,000 phone users (500 Android and 500 iOS owners).
This is according to a study published by American Trucks, Android users outperform iOS users (albeit by a small 73% to 71%) and run a stop sign (59% of Android users, 54% of iOS users). 73% of Android users surveyed in the study admit to listening to music while driving, compared to 69% of iOS users. This can be distracting and cause an accident. And by a margin of 55% to 50%, Android users are more likely to not wear a seatbelt while driving.
Both Android and iOS users are equally guilty of turning without turn signals (53% of Android and iOS users admit to this offense), and iOS users are more likely to text while driving. The research revealed that this extremely dangerous activity is performed by 57% of iOS users and 55% of Android users. This is unacceptable and both Android and iOS

owners have to work hard to reduce this to 0%.

Interestingly, the survey asked what kind of music is played while driving by users of both platforms who have admitted to doing so. 59% of Android users said they will pop Rock behind the wheel, while 55% of iPhone users will play Pop.

Those with an Android phone also listen to hip hop (51%), rap (47%), pop (45%) and metal (24%). People with an iOS device not only play pop while driving, but also like rock (52%), hip-hop (46%), rap (46%) and indie (29%).

Other results of the study show that iOS users have had 20% more “at-fault” accidents than those with an Android handset, and that iOS users are more likely to experience road rage than Android users.

Both Pixel and iPhone users have a feature on their phones that detects a car accident and contacts emergency services if the device owner can’t disarm the alarm. This does not mean you have a license to speed, blast music, turn signals, use a stop sign, not fasten your seat belt, or text while driving. Whichever mobile platform you’re using, you don’t want to disable this feature.

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