Overwatch 2 players shocked after match with NBA star Luka Doncic in GM lobby

Published: 2023-03-08T04:04:45

Updated: 2023-03-08T04:04:55

Overwatch 2 streamer m0xyy ran into NBA star for the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, in a Grand Master lobby. And as it turned out, he was shockingly good in the role of Tank, blowing his teammates away in the match.

Star of the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, is an Overwatch enthusiast. He has occasionally claimed he enjoys Blizzard’s Hero shooter and even commented on a TikTok about his favorite Heroes to play. That’s Roadhog, Hanzo, and Cassidy, by the way.

During a recent gaming session, he happened upon a popular Overwatch streamer during a high-ranking match.

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In a regular Overwatch stream, m0xyy was in line with a friend when they matched up with a Tank player named “Donatello”. Everyone was friendly to each other during the first round of the game and managed to push the charge to third point on Numbani.

In the next round, “Donatello” asked m0xy if he was the actual Overwatch streamer he occasionally watches. It was at this point that we discovered the player’s true identity as Doncic.

Another player on their team decided to ask “Donatello” what he does as a hobby. “I play basketball,” he replied. The player asked him if he plays in a gym or with a real team, to which “Donatello” replied plainly, “Dallas Mavericks.”

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Confused, they asked if he meant some kind of varsity team, which “Donatello” assured otherwise, clarifying that he really meant the actual NBA team. It was when m0xyy’s chat started spamming that he was Luka.

m0xyy asked “Donatello” if he was Luka, which he confirmed. He even asked him when his birthday is, and he immediately replied February 28th. m0xy jokingly said to Luka, “I googled that and you’re right.”

“I know, I’m him,” he replied, causing m0xyy to burst out laughing. His friend, who he was in line with, even jokingly told him to stop interrogating him, saying, “Stop interrogating the man, if he says he’s the man, he’s the man, leave him alone.”

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Luka also admitted that he had m0xyy’s stream open and is a fan, which still left him skeptical. Questioning him even further about Luka’s mother’s name, which he obviously answered correctly right away.

The greatest part of it all is that Luka is a solid tank player on the Zarya and Reinhardt. By playing well with his team and protecting the support and DPS, he seems to have really earned his GM rank.

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