Insomnia Gaming Festival criticized for using volunteers

Insomnia Gaming Festival has been criticized for advertising job openings for volunteers for next month’s event in Birmingham.

On Saturday (March 4), Insomnia called on “passionate individuals” to volunteer at the games festival, which will take place in Birmingham from April 7-10.

As stated on the festival’s website, the studio is looking for volunteers to fill a number of unpaid positions, ranging from social media functions and community engagement to logistics and stage staff.

Insomnia also noted that steel-toe boots and safety jackets are mandatory for engineering and logistics teams, but must be “self-groomed” by volunteers.

“Volunteers are the most important part of Insomnia Gaming Festival,” the page reads. “We’ve been inviting people to volunteer at our events for over 20 years and it’s a fantastic way to go behind the scenes, partner with hundreds of like-minded individuals with a passion for play and help us ensuring that Insomnia becomes the premier gaming event. in the United Kingdom.”

However, Insomnia’s use of volunteers has been met with criticism. The organization has hidden some replies to its listing, with users accusing the practice of “exploitvolunteers and urge Insomnia to pay them.

“This is a job,” he said a Twitter user. “We are in a cost of living crisis, pay your employees.”

“You can keep hiding the answers, but you still have to pay people who work for you. The country is a mess right now. People can’t pay their bills, and you’re exploiting people who need experience,” wrote another user.

Speak against NMEInsomnia organizers said the paid and unpaid roles are “very much in line with other events around the world.”

“We are always very clear about the opportunities we offer and we receive applications from people of all ages, situations and backgrounds who see it as a way to be a part of something they enjoy,” they continued. “Volunteering roles are obviously not for everyone and we leave it to the individual to decide whether or not to apply.”

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